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2019:Related activities/Tech swap shop

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Random tech equipment, only used as an illustration so far.

As a way to make the conference and the movement more sustainable, we are organizing a Tech swap shop with help of the heroes at Stockholm Makerspace. The Tech swap shop table will be at Södra huset from Friday until Sunday afternoon.

The rules are simple, and based on an idea from Terence Eden.

  • People can deposit any (working) gadgets on there
  • Laptops left at the table will be added to the Hardware donation program, and only attendees with approved requests (or designated carriers) can pick one up
  • Anyone can take what they want (except for laptops) - you don't have to bring something to get something
Here are some informal rules
  • People can take one thing each. If you have already taken something, come back later to give everyone a fair chance.
  • Caveat emptor - we'll give everything a quick visual inspection to make sure it isn't obviously broken or unsafe. But we won't do any PAT, or virus scanning, or even booting up. You get what you pay for.
  • Laptops should ideally be cleaned out and formatted before being left at the table. At the table a fresh copy of Ubuntu will be installed.

Things left at the table[edit | edit source]

Add things you leave at the table here...

  • Netgear Nighthawk wifi router
  • Minirouter 4G --> WiFi
  • Wacom pen tablet, USB
  • HP 16 GB Pendrive
  • Wireless earphones (JBL)
  • About 40 RFID tags with random numbers
  • Various On/off switchs
  • 2 small 24V fans
  • Lots of cable shoes
  • 2 iPhone to 3.5 mm connectors

Requested things[edit | edit source]

General wish list, add what you wish for here and hope for the best...

Hardware donation program[edit | edit source]

The Tech swap shop will serve as a base for the Hardware donation program during Wikimania, and approved recipients can pick up their laptops according to agreement with Asaf Bartov.

Left overs[edit | edit source]

Things that are left at the table after the conference will be used by the makerspace members or recycled.

Stories[edit | edit source]

If you took or left anything at the table, please share a story about how you will use it or how you have used it.