2021:Submissions/Where are the Spanish-speaking references on the front page of Wikipedia in Spanish?

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Session Notes (etherpad)

Speakers[edit | edit source]

Florencia Claes

Abstract[edit | edit source]

The front page of Wikipedia is a space of presentation of the encyclopedia and a service to the community. What is shown on it becomes, meditated or not, a declaration of intentions. In some languages, such as Spanish, the front page has an Ephemerides section. The selection of the articles to be shown there follows criteria that, at first sight, are very well studied but that cause a series of biases that end up prioritizing Anglo-Saxon contents and taking space away from Spanish language topics. The current cover of Wikipedia in Spanish is far from including women or Spanish-speaking referents and perpetuates the overrepresentation of the Anglo-Saxon world.

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

Many times we pass by the front page of Wikipedia without paying attention to its content and this is a good moment to stop, look and understand the reason why what is shown there is shown there. The media use the Wikipedia cover to work their agendas, and if there are no Spanish-speaking referents on the cover, there will be none in the media. I hope that this meeting will be a space for reflection to think about new forms of agreements and what we want to show on the covers of our projects.

I'm planning to attend this session live![edit | edit source]

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