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16–19 August 2023, Singapore and Online
Diversity. Collaboration. Future.

Wikimania 2023 bɛkɔ so firi da etɔ so dunsia (16)-dunkron (19) bosoom Ɔsanaa wɔ Singapore.

The theme for the 18th Wikimania edition is Diversity. Collaboration. Future.

  • Diversity. Wikimania will be an opportunity to showcase regional and thematic groups such as ESEAP as examples of inclusion: different volunteer groups, individuals, and affiliates, at different stages of development and from different cultures closely involved and collaborating in an equitable way.
  • Collaboration. As a distributed, global event, Wikimania will be a way to learn from each other and share knowledge like community initiatives, tools usage, organizing events, governance, online campaigns and edit-a-thons, solving Wiki-related problems, and more.
  • Future. Wikimania 2023 will be significant to many Wikimedians as a forum to discuss implementing the 2030 Wikimedia Movement Strategy (#Wikimedia2030), and other current and future priorities facing our movement, from technology to policy around the world.

Wikimania yɛ afe afe nhyiam a ɛhyɛ nimdeɛ adwuma a wontua hwee a Wikimedia Foundation] yɛ ho afahyɛ – Commons ⧼wikibase -nnwuma afoforo-a wɔtaa yɛ⧽, MediaWiki MediaWiki, Meta-Wiki ⧼wikibase-nnwuma afoforo-meta⧽, Wikibooks [ [:en:Wikibooks|⧼wikibase-nnwuma foforo-wikinews⧽]], Wikidata ⧼wikibase-nnwuma foforo-wikidata⧽, Wikinews ⧼wikibase-nnwuma foforo-wikinews⧽], Wikipedia ⧼wikibase-nnwuma foforo-wikipedia⧽, Wikiquote ⧼wikibase - nnwuma afoforo-wikiquote⧽, Wikisource ⧼wikibase-nnwuma afoforo-wikisource⧽, Wikispecies ⧼wikibase-nnwuma foforo-ahorow⧽ ] ]. Wiktionary|Wiktionary – a nna a wɔde yɛ nhyiam nces, nkɔmmɔdie, nhyiamu, nteteeɛ, ne adwumayɛbea. Atuhoamafoɔ ɔhaha pii ne Free Knowledge akannifoɔ a wɔfiri wiase nyinaa hyiam susuw nsɛm ho, bɔ nnwuma ne akwan foforɔ ho amanneɛ, na wɔsesa wɔn adwene.

Saa nkyerɛaseɛ a ɛtɔ so dunwɔtwe (18) yi bɛyɛ adwuma a atuhoamafoɔ, ti ahodoɔ ne akuo a wɔde di dwuma wɔ Wikimedia Apueeɛ, Asia Kesee Fam Apueeɛ ne Pacific (ESEAP) ntam.

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