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Wikimania:Expressions of Interest/2024/Wikimania 2024 - Dubai, UAE

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Expression of interest: Name of country[edit source]

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Abstract/description[edit source]

In a few sentences tell us about your submissions. What made you and your community want to host the next Wikimania?

The Wikimedians of the UAE User Group hosted the largest Arabic Wikimedia gathering, WikiArabia 2022, in Dubai in October. This is the sixth edition of the conference, and it is one of the largest WikiArabia conferences. After hosting this conference, it showed that the organizing team "The Wikimedians of UAE User Group" is more than capable of organizing larger events, as the team has experience organizing various successful events and is able to provide a suitable venue in which we could host Wikimania. Overall, we are very excited to host the next Wikimania in Dubai.

Organizers[edit source]

Who is submitting this expression of interest? List individuals or groups.

  • Core Team of organizers: The Wikimedians of UAE User Group
  • Other organizers: We will invite other potential members from MENA region affiliations.

Requirements[edit source]

Interested community groups do not need to have a venue selected, contracts drafted or sponsors lined up. This is why we are starting the process early. Please provide solid information about the points below to help our decision making. We will be taking into account various factors about potential sites and hosts especially the cost, accessibility, security, global rotation of Wikimania, and the strength of the organizing team. We hope to announce the location of the 2024 Wikimania by March, 2023. If you are interested in hosting a Wikimania in 2025 or later, you can submit your expression here as well.

Venue + lodging[edit source]

Travel + visas[edit source]

  • We had no problems issuing visas to our delegates and speakers at WikiArabia. Our fiscal sponsor, the Emirates Literature Foundation, has strong connections with Dubai Immigration Office, which assisted us in obtaining visas for our delegates.
  • All that is required for issuing visas to conference speakers is a NOC "No Objection Certificate", which is essentially a background check on the speakers.
  • Regarding travel, we have a travel agency that can issue flight tickets to scholarship recipients. In addition, Dubai has several airport terminals. And the public transportation services are well-organized in Dubai. Taxis are available at all airports, and the Metro connects to the airport as well.

Facilities + services[edit source]

All facilities and services could be provided to all of our delegates and conference participants based on their specific needs. Some examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • People of determination: We ensure that the venue and hotel are accessible to people of determination, as well as public transportations, streets, and shopping malls.
  • Current exchange: There are numerous currency exchange locations in Dubai, including most shopping malls and the airport.
  • Internet Connects: Wi-Fi is almost everywhen. It is available in hotels, venues, shopping malls, coffee shops, and public transportations.

Safety + security[edit source]

Several studies conducted in recent years have ranked Dubai among the top 15 safest cities in the world. As mentioned in the reference, Dubai has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Pickpockets and harassment are uncommon in the UAE's various cities. [1]

  • COVID- 19 rules in Dubai have been relaxed, and precautionary measures have been lifted across the UAE. Mask-wearing have also been eased. In fact, Dubai is regarded as one of the most vaccinated countries in the world.[2]

Alternate locations[edit source]

  • There are numerous locations and hotels in Dubai that would be suitable for hosting the world's largest internet gathering, Wikimania 2024. Some of the locations are as follows:
    • InterContinental Hotel - Dubai Festival City Zayed University (Dubai Campus)
    • Zayed University (Dubai Campus)
    • InterContinental Hotel - Dubai Festival City

Time[edit source]

  • Normally, Wikimania is held in August; however, given that Dubai weather is extremely hot in August, we believe that the last week of November would be ideal.

Additional[edit source]

Any other details that you think would be helpful for the Wikimania Steering Committee.

  • Any other details that you think would be helpful for the Wikimania Steering Committee.
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  2. Top 10 Countries With Most Vaccinations Against COVID-19 (greekreporter.com)