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Wikimania 2019, the 15th annual international conference of the Wikimedia movement, will be held on 14–18 August 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. The Wikimedia Foundation Scholarships Program is offering a limited number of scholarships to cover the cost of selected individuals' travel, conference registration fee, and accommodation to attend Wikimania using funding provided by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).

The following page describes the process for Wikimedia Foundation's scholarships. Some other chapters and organizations offer scholarships as well:

The scholarships offered by the Wikimedia Foundation for Wikimania 2019 have now been distributed. The list of recipients can be found on Meta.

تواريخ مهمه[edit | edit source]

الجدول الزمنى اللى بنتوقعه لبرنامج المنح بتاع ويكيميديا هوه ده:

  • التقديم بتاع المنح بيبدأ: 27 فبراير 2019
  • التاريخ بتاع انتهاء التقديم للمنح: 15 مارس 2019 الساعه 23:59 UTC.
  • التقييم بتاع المرحله 1 من مؤسسه ويكيميديا: نص مارس (مفيش رساله حوالين النتيجه)
  • التقييم الدقيق بتاعه المرحله 2 اللى بتعمله لجنه المنح: مارس لحد ابريل
  • المتقدمين حيتقالهم القرارات النهائيه: ابريل/مايو
  • The final list of recipients is announced April/May.

التفاصيل بتاعه المنح[edit | edit source]

السنه دى، مؤسسه ويكيميديا حتقدم نوعين من المنح علشان حضور ويكيمانيا:

  • منح كامله، و اللى حتغطى النفقات دى:
    • السفر رايح جاى
    • سكن مشترك
    • الرسوم بتاعه التسجيل فى المؤتمر
  • المنح الجزئيه، و اللى حتغطى بس:
    • سكن مشترك
    • الرسوم بتاعه التسجيل فى المؤتمر

For scholarships offered by the Wikimedia Foundation (in conjunction with some chapters), the total number of scholarships awarded is dependent on the total budget available for scholarships in 2019. However, an estimated % of the final budget will be awarded to full scholarships, and an estimated % will be awarded to partial scholarships. The final number of scholarships will be determined in Phase 3 when final scholars are be selected. From previous years, this is estimated to be between 70–90 full scholarships and 20–30 partial scholarships, depending on final costs.

Full scholarships are subject to quotas, while there is usually no geographical or linguistic limit to partial scholarships; see below for details for more information of the estimated number of scholarships offered by both the WMF and Wikimedia organizations.

In the scholarship application, each applicant must indicate which type of scholarship they are applying for. However, an applicant may choose the option "I am applying for a full scholarship, but would be able to attend if awarded a partial scholarship". For applicants who choose "I am applying for a full scholarship, but would be able to attend if awarded a partial scholarship", they will be considered for a full scholarship first, and then a partial scholarship if full scholarships have all been awarded.

Please see the FAQ for more information on what expenses are covered by scholarships, and which expenses recipients are expected to cover at their own expense.

المنح اللى بتقدمها المنظمات بتاعه ويكيميديا[edit | edit source]

The WMF is not the only organization offering scholarships for Wikimania 2019; other Wikimedia organizations such as chapters and thematic organizations may also be offering their own scholarships. We will list them below as we get confirmation about their program.

  • Wikimedia Österreich offers 6 scholarships for people who reside in Austria or South Tyrol.
  • Wikimedia Deutschland offers at least 24 scholarships for people who reside in Germany or are activitely contributing to the WMDE software projects, see de:Wikipedia:Wikimania 2019.
  • Wikimedia Italia will offer approximately 5 scholarships.
  • Wikimedia Ukraine will offer probably 3 scholarships.

الاهليه علشان تقدم[edit | edit source]

Any active contributor to a Wikimedia project, or Wikimedia volunteer in any other capacity, from anywhere in the world, is considered eligible for a scholarship. As the program supports volunteer participation, individuals whose participation is tied to paid work are not eligible for a scholarship, including paid or contract staff of any Wikimedia organization. Part-time staff, interns, and working students are excluded from this rule.

Activity within the Wikimedia movement will be the main criteria for evaluation. Participation in non-Wikimedia free knowledge, free software, collaborative, or educational initiatives is a benefit, but is not a requirement. Please see the FAQ for more information on eligibility.

العمليه بتاعه الاختيار[edit | edit source]

The selection process for the 2019 Wikimania Scholarship Program has been updated after collecting, discussing, and integrating feedback from scholarship applicants, recipients, Wikimania organizers, the Scholarship Committee and WMF staff. As such, the 2019 selection process will follow three phases of assessment and evaluation, to determine the final recipients, as follows:

  1. المرحله 1 – التقييم بتاع الاهليه
    • All applications will be reviewed by a staff member of the WMF, with a score of zero (fail) or one (pass) awarded on an application-by-application basis using the Phase 1 selection criteria.
  2. المرحله 2 – التقييم الدقيق
    • All applications that pass Phase 1 will be reviewed in more detail by the Scholarship Committee, with a minimum of two reviewers per application. Each reviewer will independently review and score each application against the Phase 2 selection criteria, in order to reach a final score for each application.
  3. المرحله 3 – الموافقه النهائيه للمنح الكامله
    • Based on the applicant's home country, each applicant will be categorized as either a Global North or Global South applicant, with the total number of scholarships distributed between the Global North and Global South being set at 25% and 75% respectively.
    • For both Global North and Global South groups, based on the applicant's "primary language community on wiki" (self-reported in the application), applicants will be separated by the size of the active editor community on their most active Wikimedia project, as determined by the average number of active Wikimedians per month. Scholarships will be allocated equally across these sub-groups, defined as follows:
      • مجتمع لغه كبير – العدد المتوسط بتاع الويكيميديين النشطين فى الشهر هوه فوق 1000
      • مجتمع لغه متوسط – العدد المتوسط للويكيميديين النشطين فى الشهر هوه تحت 1000 لكن اكتر من 100
      • مجتمع لغه صغير – العدد المتوسط للويكيميديين النشطين فى الشهر هوه تحت 100
      • Multilingual community – Applicants whose most active Wikimedia project is Commons, Species, Data, Incubator, MediaWiki or Tool Labs (where "most active project" is self-reported on the application) will be placed into this category, as language communities aren't as relevant.
    • The WMF will determine the total budget available and make estimations on per-applicant costs (mostly based on travel costs that will vary depending on country). Top scoring Phase 2 applicants in each sub-group will be awarded a scholarship.
      • للى اتقدموا و هما فى حدود 10% من "الحد"، فالاولويه حتكون الاول للمتقدمين اللى مش ذكور.
        • "الحد" حيكون النتيجه اللى ارتبطت بالمنحه الاخيره فى كل مجموعه فرعيه
      • المنح اللى ما حدش استخدمها حيتعاد استخدامها عن طريق الاجراءات دى:
        • A minimum score will be determined for each sub-group (different for each sub-group), below which applicants will not be considered for final selection. In the event of insufficient applicants with a high-enough score in a particular sub-group, unused scholarships will be equally reallocated to the other sub-groups.
        • In the event where there are insufficient applicants with a high-enough score across all sub-groups, unused scholarships will be reallocated to other group (and distributed equally among sub-groups).
  4. المرحله 3 – الموافقه النهائيه للمنح الجزئيه
    • All applicants for partial scholarships will be ranked by their score, with top scoring applicants awarded a partial scholarship.

Following the completion of Phase 3, a decision will be issued by e-mail to all remaining applicants as to whether their application has been successful or unsuccessful. Those with a successful application will be given the opportunity to confirm their attendance at Wikimania 2019 and their acceptance of the awarded scholarship. A few applicants will be placed on a waiting list; these applications may be awarded a scholarship at a later date depending on the acceptance rate of successful applicants and whether resource use by scholarship recipients is as estimated.

العمليه بتاعه الاختيار[edit | edit source]

المرحله 1[edit | edit source]

اللى اتقدموا حيفشلوا فى المرحله 1 لو ان اى من الحاجات الجايه بتنطبق عليهم:

  1. The applicant received a scholarship in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2018 but did not complete their post-conference report(s).
  2. اللى اتقدم هوه واحد حصل قبل كده على منحه من اى برنامج منح لمؤسسه ويكيميديا و بعد كده اتكشف انو مش ملتزم بالمنحه دى.
  3. الطلب بتاع التقديم بيتكون بشكل اساسي من حاجات ملهاش دعوه بالموضوع او اساءه.
  4. اللى اتقدم فشل فى انو يعمل مجهود كويس علشان يجاوب على الاسئله اللى فى استماره التقديم.
  5. The applicant has failed to provide evidence of English language abilities that are at a level which would enable them to participate in Wikimania, a conference which is primarily conducted in English. Sufficient English abilities could be demonstrated in the application itself or elsewhere.
  6. The applicant has failed to demonstrate any significant Wikimedia contributions or activities which may merit the awarding of a scholarship.
    • امثله على الحاجات اللى بتعتبر "مساهمات او نشاطات مهمه لويكيميديا" هى زى دى:
      • Active contributor to a Wikimedia project (e.g. Wikipedia, Commons or Wikisource), with at least 50 contributions (edits)
      • واحد ساهم فى كود ميدياويكي، جادجت او اى اداه لمشاريع ويكيميديا
      • المشاركه فى اى نوع من منظمه ويكيميديا (شابتر، منظمه ثيماتيك او يوزر جروب)
      • تشيك يوزر، سيسوب، بيروقراط، ستيوارد او متطوع فى OTRS (دلوقتى او قبل كده)
      • واحد حصل على منح من مؤسسه ويكيميديا
      • باحث بتاع ويكيميديا
      • واحد شارك فى برنامج ويكيميديا (زى شراكه بتاعه جلام او برنامج التعليم)
      • Participant in Wikimedia organized events (e.g. photographer contributing to Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM), workshop attendee)
      • منظم لايفنتات ويكيميديا (زى WLM, edit-a-thons)

WMF staff reserve the right to remove people due to their conduct on/off-wiki. Examples would be those on global and event ban lists.

اللى اتقدموا و ما بتنطبقش عليهم اى حاجه تخليهم يفشلوا حيروحوا للمرحله 2 علشان يتقيموا تانى.

المرحله 2[edit | edit source]

During phase two, applicants will be assessed on two main dimensions – relevant experience and enrichment – with each applicant being awarded a score on a scale of zero to ten for each criterion. These scores are then averaged to give an applicant's final Phase 2 score. These criteria have been selected with the objective of highlighting applicants who have compelling Wikimedia-related experiences and demonstrate a particular ability to use their experience/learning to enrich their home community.

خبره متعلقه[edit | edit source]

Activity within Wikimedia projects or organizations (chapters, thematic organizations, and user groups) indicates that an applicant will add value to Wikimania through the experiences and knowledge they have gained from contributing. Applicants are encouraged to write about both their online and offline experiences within their applications.

النشاطات بتاعه اللى اتقدم حتتقيم حسب الابعاد التلاته دى:

  1. التعاون – درجه التعاون مع الناس او المنظمات التانيه علشان ينفذ الانشطه
  2. التاثير – النتايج اللى وصلها سواء على النت او فى الحقيقه نتيجه لنشاطات ويكيميديا، و دى بتتوصف اما بالكميه او بوصف جوده
  3. Community leadership – Role(s) played and scope of activities within the Wikimedia movement, e.g. members who serve on committees or project leaders

To assist applicants, the following examples of "Impact" have been provided. However, applicants should feel free to provide examples beyond what is included below:

التاثير اون لاين

التاثير اون لاين


  • زود الوعى حوالين اهميه المصادر الموثوق فيها
  • زود/حسن المهارات بتاعه اللى بيساهموا فى الويكى (زى مثلا الوورك شوبس اللى متنظمه للتعديل)
  • Made it easier for readers and new/experienced editors to engage (e.g. created or participated in on-wiki mentoring spaces)
  • زود القدره بتاعه اليوزرز علشان يكونوا منتجين فى الويكي (زى مثلا انو حسن او عمل فيتشرز جديده لميدياويكى)
  • Increased awareness about the Wikimedia projects through off-wiki channels (e.g. posted articles in blogs or newspapers, or gave a presentation at non-Wikimedia conferences)
  • Improved the public perception of Wikimedia as a source of reliable information (e.g. gave a talk about Wikipedia processes and policies that ensure reliability)
  • Improved gender, language, or geographic diversity off-wiki (e.g. organized an event targeted at raising awareness for under-represented groups or languages)
  • Increased/Improved skills of off-wiki volunteers (e.g. organized an event where volunteers gained knowledge on policy advocacy or event organization)


  • Identified/Addressed content or category gaps (e.g. number of new/improved articles in underdeveloped or missing categories)
  • خلى المصادر الموثوق فيها متوفره لليوزرز (زى مثلا انو شارك الوصول اللى عنده للمصادر المقفوله)
  • Increased access to Wikimedia by creating/improving a product that addresses access (e.g. improved QR codes or Kiwix to support offline Wikipedia)
  • اليوزرز الجداد (زى مثلا اليوزرز الجداد اللى نتيجه وورك شوب للتعديل)
  • For events organized, number of participants that attended a Wikimedia event you organized (e.g. for organizers of photo contests, the number of contest participants)
  • For Wikimedia programs you are involved in, the number of participants or volunteers supported (e.g. for Wikipedia Education Program campus ambassadors, the number of students supported in a semester)

التزويد[edit | edit source]

The ability to share experiences and information with a wider community indicates that the applicant, if awarded a scholarship, would be able to bring those experiences or lessons learned at Wikimania back home, thereby enriching their home wiki community or home country. Applicants are encouraged to write about or provide examples demonstrating this ability; a few examples could be on-wiki reports, personal blog posts, or talks/presentations given about what they learned from an event, conference, or discussion.

اسئله؟[edit | edit source]

For more information about the Wikimedia Foundation Scholarships Program, please visit the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

If you have any questions, please contact: or leave a message at:Talk:Scholarships.

اتقدم بطلب[edit | edit source]

To apply for a scholarship to attend Wikimania 2019, please submit a completed multi-language application form by 15 March 2019. It is highly recommended that applicants review all the material on this page and in the FAQ before submitting an application.