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Wikimania: The Festival Edition! will take place on 11-14 August 2022 as a primarily virtual event with local in-person gatherings across the world. The organizers are providing stipends for individual virtual participation (with a focus on first-time participants) and grants for Wikimedia affiliates to organize local in-person events and/or run their own scholarship programs. The deadline to apply is June 3rd.

Wikimania 2022

Wikimania: The Festival Edition! will be taking place on 11-14 August 2022. Wikimania is the Wikimedia movement's annual conference celebrating all the free knowledge projects made possible by the volunteer community. The largest gathering of the Wikimedia movement, this year’s Wikimania will bring more Wikimedians together than ever, virtually and with in-person components, to create, celebrate and connect.

The theme for this year’s virtual Wikimania is “The Festival Edition”. We will come together to spotlight projects and movement groups and celebrate the diversity of our vast community.

Wikimania: The Festival Edition! can be summed up in three words: it will be fun, alive, and vibrant; it will be regional, shining a light on communities across the movement through the festivities; and it will welcome newcomers, creating a safe space for first-time attendees that illuminates and inspires.

Grants and scholarships

Wikimania 2022: The Festival Edition! will continue with the Affiliates grant program to organize your local Wikimania event / gathering / watch parties. Wikimedia affiliates can now apply on this page below.

And in welcoming first time Wikimania participants/attendees, there is a stipend available for individuals to apply for as well. Individual stipends are a lump sum of $200 that can be used for childcare, data packages, small hardware, and meals during the conference. Apply using LimeSurvey

Eligible Expenses
Affiliate Program (grant) Individual Program (stipend)
Local meetups / events during Wikimania Childcare
Childcare Data
Data Small hardware (webcam, microphone, mouse, head/ear phones)
Small hardware (webcam, microphone, mouse, head/ear phones) Meals
Administrative costs
Translation services

Important Dates and Information
Task Deadline
Application open 09 May 2022
Submission close 03 June 2022
Submission period open 4 weeks
Application review 16 May 2022 - 24 June 2022 (6 weeks)

Get help

If you have questions:

  • Review frequently asked questions in the section below
  • Join office hours hosted by the organizing team. More information on when and how to engage with us will be provided shortly, please stay tuned…
  • Email your questions to the Core Organizing Team at

Apply for an individual scholarship

The Wikimedia Foundation will provide stipends to support individuals attending the 2022 Wikimania to cover Wikimania-related expenses. All stipends are $200 USD. Scholarship recipients will be asked to provide a brief report of their participation after the event.

You can apply for an individual scholarship via LimeSurvey by the 3rd of June 2022. The privacy statement can be found here.

Apply for an individual scholarship

Apply for an affiliate grant

Apply on MetaWiki for Wikimania 2022 Affiliate Scholarships to support access to and participation in Wikimania 2022 in your community. Scholarships can be used to support a number of needs and activities to support access and participation in Wikimania 2022, such as covering data costs for participants, supporting childcare expenses, hosting meetups in relation to Wikimania, and more. A full list of eligible expenses can be found below.

==== Deadline ====

The deadline to submit scholarship requests is the 3rd of June 2022.

Eligible activities and expenses

  • Childcare services (or similar family services) to support Wikimania participation
  • Data packages to distribute to Wikimania participants
  • Administrative or operational costs to distribute funds to community members, such as transfer fees
  • Small hardware expenses to support access (such as webcams, microphones, head/earphones)
    Note: Requests for computers, laptops, tablets, and other personal devices are not eligible.
  • Translation services for a Wikimania session
  • Video production support for pre-recorded Wikimania sessions (such as equipment or space)
  • In-person meetups that coincide with Wikimania activities (food, beverage, meeting space)
  • Printed artwork, conference swag/merchandise for event participants

In the application, you will be asked some of the following questions:

  • What Wikimedia movement affiliate do you represent?
  • How will the funding requested support your community’s participation at Wikimania?
  • What is the amount of funding you are requesting?
Apply for an affiliate grant

Frequently asked questions

What is a Wikimania scholarship?
  • Affiliates - A scholarship is a grant given to an affiliate to enable them to organize their local Wikimania 2022 event and/or run their local scholarship programs for virtual participation. This is achieved through the Wikimedia Foundation providing funds that will cover local events, childcare, data, small hardware, meals, administrative expenses, and translation services.
  • Individuals - A scholarship is a grant given to an individual to enable them to attend Wikimania 2022 virtually. This is achieved through the Wikimedia Foundation providing funds that will cover childcare, data, small hardware, and meals.
When will the Wikimania 2022 scholarship application open?

Applications opens on May 9th 2022

When will the Wikimania 2022 scholarship application end?

Applications closes on June 3rd 2022

Is the application timeline the same for both affiliates and individuals?

Yes, the application submission period is the same for both affiliates and individuals.

What is the submission process for the Wikimania scholarship?
Who reviews the submissions for the Wikimania Scholarship?

Both Individual and Affiliate submissions received during the application period will be reviewed by the Core Organizing Team on an ongoing basis.

How are the submissions reviewed for the Wikimania Scholarship and Grants?

In general, for both Individual and Affiliate applications, we expect the workflow for funding decisions to go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Application submission
  • Step 2: Email confirmation sent
  • Step 3: Eligibility review by the Core Organizing Team - Grants Team
  • Step 4: Funding review and decision made by the Core Organizing Team - Grants Team
  • Step 5: Applicants notified of the decision
  • Step 6: Disbursement of grants
Where can I find support/help during the Wikimania application process?

The Core Organizing Team - Wikimania will provide support through office hours offered by region and scheduling one-on-one sessions with grantees to review these changes and to discuss both needs and concerns.

In general, for both questions around Individual and Affiliate applications, the office hours will cover:

  • Clarifying questions on the submissions and funds requested
  • The Dos and Don’ts of application submissions
  • Next steps after resubmissions
  • What if I don’t get funded
  • How long does it take to receive funds
  • What can I [affiliate/individual] use the funds for
  • What if I [individual] go over the amount received
I am not part of an affiliate. How do I apply for funding?

Individuals are able to apply for the individual scholarship, which would be USD$200 for each applicant, in order to cover childcare, data, small hardware(webcam/mouse/earphones), and meals.

Can I submit my application in a different language other than English?
  • Yes, applicants are allowed to submit the application in a different language other than English. The COT will try their best to review the application.
What are the requirements for reporting?

The applicant who receives the funding from the Wikimedia Foundation is required to submit a report after attending Wikimania.

What is the funding limit?
  • Individuals: The stipend available is a one-time remittance of 200 USD
  • Affiliates: The scholarship grant available for affiliates has a maximum of 5000 USD
Can I submit applications for a scholarship after the deadline?

To ensure that final decision results are released on-time in fairness to other applicants, late applications will not be accepted. It is recommended that applications are submitted at least a few days before the deadline to avoid missing it.

How will applicants for scholarships be notified of the results?

The e-mail address provided on the application will be used to notify an individual of whether their application has been successful or not. All applicants will be contacted at some point, regardless of the result.

Can applicants for individual scholarships edit their application after submission?

Unfortunately not. It is recommended that applicants draft their application carefully and ensure they say everything they need to say before submission. However, additional information can be submitted by applicants to where a member of the Core Organizing Team or Wikimedia Foundation staff will note the new information on the user's application. Please do not submit an application twice; this creates a lot of additional work for reviewers.