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This event has been canceled because other organizers (who is not a Wikimedian) could not make it, but if you find me (Revi), I am willing to sign your key.

Similar to the wm2016:Programme/Key-signing party, I am trying to organize a key-signing party during Wikimania 2019.

  • When: 2019-08-16 (Friday), after the welcoming events till 22:00 (10PM).
  • Where: Bar at the Clarion Hotel Amaranten.
  • How: I will be there for about 2 hours with a local key signing event organizer, waiting for anyone who passes by willing to sign a key.
What is GnuPG? Why should I bother?

Free Software Foundation has written this part very well, so go check them out.

What is a key signing party?

According to Wikipedia...

In public-key cryptography, a key signing party is an event at which people present their public keys to others in person, who, if they are confident the key actually belongs to the person who claims it, digitally sign the certificate containing that public key and the person's name, etc. Key signing parties are common within the PGP and GNU Privacy Guard community, as the PGP public key infrastructure does not depend on a central key certifying authority, but to a distributed web of trust approach. Key signing parties are a way to strengthen the web of trust. Participants at a key signing party are expected to present adequate identity documents.

Things to prepare

You will need a GnuPG key, a piece of paper with a fingerprint of the key, and your ID (usually a passport).

There is a web service to produce your piece of paper with a fingerprint. Just export your "PUBLIC" key, copy that into the clipboard, and paste it in the blank input box.

WARNING: There is (probably) no printing facility provided at the bar! You will need to prepare your own sheet before you leave for Wikimania!