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ShangKuan, Liang-chih / 上官良治
ShangKuan, Liang-chih / 上官良治
Community Strategy Liaison (since 18 March 2019) / 社群策略聯絡員(自2019年3月18日起), Wikimedia Foundation / 維基媒體基金會

About me

As Shangkuanlc I have been an active Wikipedian and Wikimedian for more than 12 years. / 我基金會工作用之外所使用的帳號是Shangkuanlc,我的維基生涯已經超過十二個年頭了。

My work

I try to help communities to speak with their own voices about what they want to do in the coming years, their ideas and needs, insights, and dreams. / 我試著幫助社群說出自己的心聲——讓眾人知道他們未來想要推展的行動、點子、需求、觀察、與夢想。

Contact me

  • E-mail: lshangkuan(_AT_)wikipedia.org
  • phone: +886 (0) 911245114
  • facebook: shangkuanlc
  • wechat: Shangkuanlc
  • telegram: @shangkuanlc