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IRC transcript, 2005-11-19

(10:35:49) The topic for #wikimania is: Next global Wikimania chat : Saturday Nov 19 1600 UTC | http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006 | http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Planning (and talk pages) | Wikimania 2005 presentations : http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2005_Presentations
(10:36:07) soufron: hop hop
(10:39:08) _sj_: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Planning#Meetings
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(10:48:14) _sj_: heya jkb
(10:48:18) _sj_: where are y'all?
(10:49:28) await: physically? 
(10:50:23) jkbaumga: hey we're at O'Natural's in Davis Sq
(10:52:04) britty: just curious how many people around there attended wikimania2005
(10:52:25) _sj_: hiya, o'naturals
(10:52:28) britty: sj, austin, perhaps bdka, da_didi, soufron ...
(10:52:33) _sj_: I'm tracking down a power outlet
(10:52:35) da_didi: hi :)
(10:52:38) britty: hiho
(10:52:39) _sj_: da didi (:
(10:53:04) JamesF: britty> Not me? :-)
(10:54:30) da_didi: or jeluf
(10:54:34) _sj_: last call for agenda additions:
(10:54:34) _sj_: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Planning#Agenda
(10:54:40) da_didi: or rince
(10:55:11) jkbaumga: thanks, sj!
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(10:55:18) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: hmmm...
(10:55:18) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: what's going on here?
(10:55:27) JamesF: Nothing much. Yet.
(10:55:39) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: what happens in this wikimania chat, anyway?
(10:55:49) britty: Hi ta_bu_shi_da_yu
(10:55:54) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: heya britty
(10:56:14) britty: did you attend wikimania2005?
(10:56:18) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: nope
(10:56:23) britty: either
(10:56:28) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: wasn't that in London somewhere?
(10:56:32) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: I live in Australia...
(10:56:32) britty: iirc you are in australia
(10:56:35) britty: in germany
(10:56:41) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: ic... no chance!
(10:56:43) soufron: bada bada
(10:56:47) britty: so we are relatively near to each other ;)
(10:56:49) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: :)
(10:56:56) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: where you from Britty?
(10:57:03) britty: from japan
(10:57:14) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: not so far :)
(10:57:25) AnyFile: Hi britty and anybody
(10:57:31) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: heya all
(10:57:33) britty: ciao AnyFile
(10:57:59) MikeSnow [n=snows@wikipedia/MichaelSnow] entered the room.
(10:58:07) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: heya Michael!
(10:58:25) MikeSnow: Hi ta bu
(10:58:26) JamesF: Heya Michael.
(10:58:49) MikeSnow: Hi JamesF
(10:59:37) _sj_: hey any, mike
(10:59:46) _sj_: where's bets=y?
(10:59:56) britty: hi MikeSnow
(10:59:59) _sj_: we could use some divine inspiration...
(11:00:08) ***cimon farts.
(11:00:15) brettstil: hiya, says betsy
(11:00:16) _sj_: it's raining here. but at least the wifi is fast.
(11:00:21) ***mindspillage waves
(11:00:23) brettstil: and brett too
(11:00:23) _sj_: ok, let's get started.
(11:00:33) await: _sj_ are you outside?
(11:00:38) _sj_: I'm checking for timeline updates...
(11:00:42) ***ta_bu_shi_da_yu waves
(11:00:57) _sj_: the one importanmt announcement is that the only weekend we *know* we can reserve is mid-July
(11:01:01) jkbaumga: you know, you shouldn't use your laptop in the rain
(11:01:24) _sj_: {july 17-18)
(11:01:33) _sj_: the others we will have to fight for with other groups.
(11:01:52) soufron: ?
(11:01:56) soufron: with who ? 
(11:02:06) soufron: is wikimania to be only for two days ? 
(11:02:21) _sj_: soufron: we're describing reservations in terms of the weekend they include.
(11:02:29) soufron: ouf
(11:02:37) soufron: but what do you mean that we will have to fight with other groups ? 
(11:02:45) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: so... is it OK for me to discuss content questions in this discussion?
(11:02:47) jkbaumga: how big are the other groups, what's competition like?
(11:02:49) _sj_: the main conference will include a sat and sunday; probably fri-sunday like last year.
(11:02:54) JamesF: SJ> But the 3rd weekend of July is really quite early.
(11:02:58) MikeSnow: Are weekends the most heavily scheduled time?
(11:02:59) _sj_: at any rate, we're trying to get room reservations fixed for the first weekend in august.
(11:03:00) brassratgirl [n=brassrat@] entered the room.
(11:03:06) _sj_: jamesf, indeed.
(11:03:29) _sj_: so, the other weekends, we would be sharing the buildings we use. (which is probably fine with everyone)
(11:03:50) JamesF: Hmm.
(11:03:50) soufron: fine ? 
(11:03:54) soufron: the way you say it it would not be fine
(11:04:01) JamesF: Shouldn't be a problem, surely?
(11:04:03) _sj_: airfare comparisons suggest it won't be much more expensive the first week in august than the 3rd/4th week in july.
(11:04:18) _sj_: soufron, what do you mean?
(11:04:30) soufron: I don't think wikimania should be mixed up with other conferences
(11:04:44) soufron: the less rooms we will have, the less interesting it will be
(11:04:46) soufron: etc.
(11:04:46) _sj_: we're not planning to use more than 4-5 rooms (plus smaller planning rooms elsewhere);
(11:04:55) _sj_: the 2 buildings ew are thinking of using each have more rooms than this.
(11:05:01) JamesF: soufron> The facility is quite large, AIUI.
(11:05:05) _sj_: so, other groups would probably end up using the other rooms.
(11:05:16) _sj_: on that 3d weekend in july, we could reserve the whole buidling
(11:05:29) AnyFile: are you speaking about therooms for conference or for accomodation?
(11:05:51) JamesF: That's a point - what would the impact on accomodation be?
(11:05:53) MikeSnow: Are the rooms we would use in the same general area of the building?
(11:05:58) _sj_: mike: I don't know about 'most heavily scheduled'
(11:06:07) _sj_: but the weekend is the most active part of wikimania,
(11:06:10) brettstil: what whole bldg? (Betsy, playing catchup)
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(11:06:34) soufron: mmh ok
(11:06:37) _sj_: tbsdy : yes, you can discuss content.
(11:06:45) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: cool
(11:06:47) _sj_: Austin Hall
(11:06:52) You are now known as BostonMeetup
(11:07:00) await: I've wanted to say for a while that our estimate for attendees is too low. 
(11:07:09) EricaG [n=EricaG@209-6-236-191.c3-0.smr-ubr2.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com] entered the room.
(11:07:12) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: tell me when it's OK to chime in (you're arranging transport etc)
(11:07:17) _sj_: hiya erica!
(11:07:19) _sj_: we were just discussing rooms.
(11:07:25) _sj_: tbsdy: probably in 15 min
(11:07:27) soufron: I reallly think we should much more ambitious than last year
(11:07:31) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: okey dokey
(11:07:33) EricaG: i am having some computer issues, sorry...
(11:07:38) _sj_: soufron: ambitious how?
(11:07:41) EricaG: anything i need to knoiw?
(11:07:49) soufron: more talks
(11:07:49) soufron: more rooms
(11:07:51) JamesF: Hello Erica.
(11:07:51) soufron: more people
(11:07:51) soufron: more review
(11:07:53) soufron: more more :)
(11:07:54) rhodylibrarian: how many attendees did you have last year (Beatrice Pulliam)
(11:07:59) ***await waves to Erica. 
(11:08:02) _sj_: soufron: we will definitely have more people, review... more rooms? you want more than 4 parallel sessions?
(11:08:15) BostonMeetup: are the gropius dorms available for the july weekend?
(11:08:16) _sj_: beatrice: ~380
(11:08:28) JamesF: The more parallel sessions, the more people are forced to miss things they want to see.
(11:08:38) EricaG: i am still awaiting confirmation
(11:08:42) EricaG: on dorm rooms
(11:08:46) BostonMeetup: ok
(11:08:51) EricaG: but we will not get all of gropius on that weekend
(11:08:59) MikeSnow: How big were individual sessions at Wikimania 2005
(11:08:59) _sj_: many attendees (>60) also gave a presentation of some sort
(11:09:02) JamesF: Which weekend?
(11:09:20) _sj_: erica: what do you think of our chances of meeting w/ events next week?
(11:09:28) tobacman [n=Jeremy@pool-70-22-195-218.bos.east.verizon.net] entered the room.
(11:09:31) await: if it's a chosing between getting more rooms or more space we should go for the cheap housing. I think. 
(11:09:33) _sj_: (to talk about the first weekend in august, &c)
(11:09:33) EricaG: any weekend besides the first one of august - and on that weekend, we can't have the rooms for halls that we want
(11:09:35) JamesF: Michael> The normal sessions were 20 - 40 (very over-crowded) people.
(11:09:44) EricaG: there are several other dorms we can use as well on the other weekends
(11:09:55) tobacman: Hi all!
(11:10:00) _sj_: heya jeremy
(11:10:03) BostonMeetup: hi jeremy
(11:10:10) soufron: but well
(11:10:20) MikeSnow: JamesF: very overcrowded in the sense that the rooms weren't big enough, or do you mean something else?
(11:10:43) JamesF: Michael> Rooms weren't big enough, yes.
(11:10:44) EricaG: sj - i will push deb & shannon to meet. this past week i had to also cover amanda's job cos she was sick and we were doing the wsis press stuff, so i wasn't able to push more
(11:11:15) MikeSnow: Okay, so we're probably looking at same number of sessions, bigger rooms, then
(11:11:23) _sj_: erica: alright.
(11:11:34) _sj_: mike: that's the current idea.
(11:11:38) AnyFile: what are the other conferences helding in July, _sj_?
(11:11:55) _sj_: await: if we try an unusual room arrangement for the first weekend in august, we can have around 450 beds, I believe.
(11:11:59) EricaG: the weekend they are currently holding for us, july 13-16, there are no other conferences being held at hls, so getting more rooms may not be a problem
(11:12:01) _sj_: otherwise we seem limited to a bit over 300
(11:12:03) pingswept [n=pingswep@dsl092-078-250.bos1.dsl.speakeasy.net] entered the room.
(11:12:03) soufron: yup
(11:12:05) JamesF: Michael> Yeah.
(11:12:07) _sj_: and whatever Lesley can provide
(11:12:09) EricaG: other weekends rooms would be much tighter
(11:12:19) cimon: The more parallel sessions, the more likelyhood they will have of finding something at each slot.
(11:12:33) _sj_: (lesley : good for maybe another 80 rooms)
(11:12:39) AnyFile: very tighted or just a little more difficult to find a room?
(11:12:43) _sj_: cimon, that's one way of looking at it.
(11:12:50) _sj_: or the more chances people have to *have* to miss something they want to see.
(11:13:06) EricaG: the first weekend of august, the main building we want, which has ames courtroom (the biggest room at hls) is booked
(11:13:06) MikeSnow: You also don't want to overwhelm people with choice
(11:13:07) JamesF: SJ> That's my line, yes.
(11:13:15) await: if we get the 450 beds then a pitch to sponsors is to help subsidize for wikipedian's airfare. 
(11:13:35) cimon: to avoid the problem of missing something one wants to catch can be avoided by having program items that are clustered around the same topic, but where the nucleus idea is rehashed quickly each time.
(11:14:00) ***cimon is a SF-Convention veteran.
(11:14:14) AnyFile: well the number of parralle session depends also on the number of attendants
(11:14:28) _sj_: right. we should plan out two options on the wiki:
(11:14:31) sistero_ left the room.
(11:14:31) _sj_: one for the first weekend in august
(11:14:32) ***cimon has played "If I ran the z00\\\con"
(11:14:43) _sj_: and one for a weekend in july.
(11:14:53) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: I'm gettign tired... can I just quickly note my content issue?
(11:14:55) soufron: I just finished organizing this in paris with polytechnique and ens : http://complexsystems.lri.fr/
(11:15:04) AnyFile: Are all the weekends of July the same or ther is some preferences?
(11:15:15) soufron: and we used one main building and 4 parallel sessions 
(11:15:18) EricaG: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <your-password>
(11:15:22) soufron: plus space for posters
(11:15:43) JamesF: AnyFile> Later is better, I think.
(11:16:06) Shanel [n=chanel5@toronto-HSE-ppp3973894.sympatico.ca] entered the room.
(11:16:10) AnyFile: but what about room space (both for conferences and for accomodation)?
(11:16:20) MikeSnow: I think we should start cutting back our options to simplify planning
(11:16:26) _sj_: anyfile: there is some interest in having it later, though preferences didn't seem too strong.
(11:16:38) brassratgirl: mikesnow> agree
(11:16:39) _sj_: I think we should plan for the weekend currently free at HLS
(11:16:42) _sj_: and the first weekend in august
(11:17:04) _sj_: and present both ideas to the hls events office next week.
(11:17:22) MikeSnow: If July 17-18 is definitely available, we should figure out if we can meet our needs in August, and if not grab July
(11:17:24) soufron: ...
(11:17:31) BostonMeetup: Good, and somebody transcribe the pros and cons for each weekend onto the wikimania web page
(11:17:34) brassratgirl: sj> what's the weekend currently free? 
(11:17:36) _sj_: mike: agreed.
(11:17:39) _sj_: sorry, july 15-16
(11:17:58) EricaG: 13-16 july
(11:18:06) _sj_: erica: just labelling the weekends by ewekend-dates :)
(11:18:06) EricaG: we have rooms currently reserved all those days
(11:18:08) _sj_: to make it easier. 
(11:18:14) EricaG: ah
(11:18:36) tobacman: for the record, is the key question: which weekend can hls provide the best package of rooms?
(11:19:19) AnyFile: would be the cost for the venue the same? and what about sponsorship?
(11:19:25) _sj_: mike: agreed. boston: let's put notes here: 
(11:19:27) _sj_: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Planning/Dates
(11:19:47) EricaG: we don't pay anything for rooms at hls
(11:19:51) _sj_: in august, we have to be more creative about rooms for sessions
(11:20:08) _sj_: in july, we have to be more creative about housing (if we have more than 300 people from out-of-city)
(11:20:36) MikeSnow: How likely is >300?
(11:20:56) soufron: ...
(11:21:34) _sj_: let's discuss this on the wiki. noone knows for sure; I think a) it's unlikely, and b) we already have offers of over 10 couches, without making a real effort to find hosts
(11:21:48) _sj_: in july, we also have to worry about people not bewing a ble to come b/c it's a worse time for them
(11:22:13) jkbaumga: worse than August?
(11:22:15) _sj_: ok, next point. tbsdy?
(11:22:19) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: ya...
(11:22:31) _sj_: (continue discussing rooms if you want; I just don't want tbsdy to fall asleep)
(11:22:33) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: dunno how it works... but I was working on the US PATRIOT Act
(11:22:41) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: cheers sj :)
(11:22:46) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: anyway...
(11:22:56) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: I've discovered that our US Code article needs expanding
(11:23:13) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: (hope this is the right place/forum to raise this)
(11:23:40) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: I was wondering the best way of organising people to assist with this?
(11:23:46) britty: (waves tbsdy
(11:23:54) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: can this be something discussed at wikimania?
(11:23:59) _sj_: heh
(11:24:03) _sj_: that's an interesting point...
(11:24:05) Anthere [n=Anthere@wikipedia/Anthere] entered the room.
(11:24:09) soufron: well anyway
(11:24:12) _sj_: does it affect wikimania attendees?
(11:24:14) _sj_: anthere!
(11:24:16) _sj_: hi :)
(11:24:26) soufron: since jimbo and others are not here
(11:24:31) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: how do you mean sj?
(11:24:36) soufron: I think we should put all of these questions on the wiki
(11:24:42) soufron: before going any further
(11:24:49) Anthere: hi, sorry, I must go in 2 min, I will follow the end of the discussion later
(11:24:52) _sj_: souf: yep, see the dates pg above
(11:24:52) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: which page?
(11:24:52) _sj_: ant, no prob
(11:25:04) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: can I present a paper?
(11:25:14) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: I really can't make it unfortunately
(11:25:22) _sj_: tbsdy: you should submit one when the call for papers goes out
(11:25:27) _sj_: (even if you can't come)
(11:25:30) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: okey dokey
(11:25:41) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: mine would be about how Christianity relates to NPOV
(11:25:49) _sj_: heh
(11:25:52) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: and how there is nothing really for them to fear
(11:25:54) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: :)
(11:26:01) _sj_: ok, next meeting date :
(11:26:06) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: you know, for a lot of Christians its a big issue!
(11:26:14) _sj_: let's suggest two weeks from now to the mailing list
(11:26:26) _sj_: at 2200 UTC
(11:26:27) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: okey dokey
(11:26:32) _sj_: to alternate back to the previous time...
(11:26:38) _sj_: and we'll see what people think of that.
(11:26:44) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: _sj_ you able to send me a message to my talk page?
(11:26:46) EricaG: what day is that? december 3?
(11:26:50) JamesF: Eurgh.
(11:26:51) JamesF: 22:00?
(11:26:52) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: my mind is like a sieve
(11:26:54) ta_bu_shi_da_yu: :)
(11:27:00) _sj_: james, was it hard for you last time?
(11:27:00) britty: 22:00 is too early for me
(11:27:01) EricaG: fyi i will be taking the LSAT that morning so i won't be there then
(11:27:07) _sj_: erica: bonne chance!
(11:27:10) JamesF: SJ> Well, it's a tad late to be starting, yes.
(11:27:19) JamesF: SJ> If it's necessary, I can manage, but...
(11:27:46) _sj_: james: it will be a quick meeting. as usual, the discussions should largely take place on the wiki
(11:27:52) _sj_: with a meeting to bring people together on the same page.
(11:27:57) _sj_: britty: alas
(11:28:02) JamesF: Yeah.
(11:28:09) _sj_: britty: it's mostly coordinating the US and Asia that makes it necessary to alternate times every 2 weeks
(11:28:13) soufron: sure
(11:28:22) soufron: but our options are not clear now
(11:28:26) soufron: not to me :)
(11:28:32) _sj_: britty: but you can note that on the list when the message goes out :)
(11:28:34) _sj_: soufron: which options?
(11:28:50) _sj_: please add pros and cons to the date page on the wiki;
(11:29:10) britty: sj sounds nice
(11:29:11) _sj_: then we can sort out the options in more detail.
(11:29:27) britty: and anyway it is necessary as many as boston people 
(11:29:34) britty: can be involved
(11:29:39) soufron: _sj_, housing options
(11:29:57) soufron: what date -> what capacity ?
(11:30:11) _sj_: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Planning/Dates
(11:30:18) _sj_: will be updated with room and housing optoins
(11:30:27) _sj_: we're still waiting for confirmation from the housing office for july,
(11:30:33) _sj_: and from the room office for august.
(11:30:56) _sj_: next point: conference goals
(11:31:00) _sj_: we talked about this last time;
(11:31:07) _sj_: I don't want to get into it in great detail on IRC
(11:31:40) _sj_: but we should discuss this further.
(11:31:54) _sj_: soufron, perhaps you could send an email to the mailing list about how you think we should be more ambitious this year?
(11:32:46) soufron: _sj_, oh it's just a general thought, but I don't even know what are the numbers we can hope 
(11:32:57) soufron: _sj_, but we should have more numbers
(11:32:59) soufron: I love numbers
(11:33:01) soufron: :)
(11:33:51) shekhar: _sj_: you should think of a distributed hotel system with people offering sofa and extra bed space like http://www.hostexe.org/hotel/index.html
(11:34:13) _sj_: shekhar : great idea.
(11:34:19) await: _sj_ - once we have #beds available and fixed the conference date it will be much easier to get sponsorship for international travel. 
(11:34:21) _sj_: shekhar - can you ad that to the wiki?
(11:34:43) shekhar: which page?
(11:34:45) _sj_: await: noted. 
(11:35:03) shekhar: _sj_: the person who wrote the software for hostexe.org is here in cambridge, her name is jo walsh
(11:35:12) shekhar: she would be interested in helping develop it for wikimania
(11:35:49) _sj_: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimania_2006#November_19
(11:35:53) _sj_: (for comments, etc)
(11:36:00) shekhar: ok
(11:36:06) _sj_: that's cool. she should come hang out with us next time.
(11:36:17) shekhar: yes she just moved here from london last week
(11:36:26) _sj_: ask her to join the mailing list :) 
(11:36:26) _sj_: ok, great.
(11:36:30) shekhar: she is one of the best known semantic web hackers out there
(11:36:35) _sj_: other comments on conference goals?
(11:36:42) _sj_: (her name is very familiar...)
(11:37:17) ***_sj_ nudges austin
(11:37:47) Betsy_Devine [n=Snak@pdpc/supporter/active/betsy-devine] entered the room.
(11:37:56) _sj_: think about what you'd like an ideal conference to be like
(11:38:00) britty: will it has a specific theme or not?
(11:38:10) Betsy_Devine: hey again!
11:38:12:britty: have 
11:38:15:_sj_: or what kinds of theme you might like to see
11:38:16:britty: *brushes
11:38:48:_sj_: It would be hard to set a theme without community interest in focusing on something in particular
11:39:01:BostonMeetup: hi betsy
11:39:11:Betsy_Devine: ->BostonMeetup: Anything good happen while I was gone? Could you send me a transcript to betsy at funnybits dot com?
11:39:17:_sj_: but this ties in to having specific program tracks.
11:39:23:soufron: ?
11:39:25:Betsy_Devine: Hey Bret, thanks for sharing your computer
11:39:39:_sj_: it might be easier to have a few themes running throughout the conference
11:39:40:britty: we can ask each community and it could be somehow motivate them
11:39:42:_sj_: and to give each of them some attention
11:39:53:_sj_: britty: there's a thought
11:39:53:britty: to participant in conference in their way
11:40:11:_sj_: MikeSnow, perhaps you can help think of good ways to use the fact that it is at HLS
11:40:16:brassratgirl: a few core themes would be good 
11:40:16:_sj_: soufron, you too
11:40:24:britty: nods
11:40:31:_sj_: wb betsy :)
11:40:33:soufron: before themes
11:40:40:soufron: we need to know what kind of space we will have
11:40:42:britty: hosting and dating
11:41:06:await: one theme should be international cooperation in creating knowledge? 
11:41:10:_sj_: soufron: we know what kind of space we will have.  we're just finalizing which specific rooms...
11:41:21:pingswept: I think it's too early to decide on themes, but maybe brainstorming ideas now is good.
11:41:31:_sj_: ping: agreed.
11:41:40:brassratgirl: themes give potential participants a way to focus 
11:41:40:_sj_: it will take a long time to discuss something like that, too.
11:41:42:pingswept: (BTW: hi.)
11:41:45:brassratgirl: when we get around to that
11:42:18:_sj_: can we move on to program thoughts?
11:42:19:jkbaumga: a few of us brainstormed about themes at thte last Wikipedia Meetup in Boston      just for fun
11:42:25:pingswept: Do we have any potential themes yet?
11:42:30:_sj_: jkb: neat
11:42:34:tobacman: in fact, themes may in part emerge from the collection of submissions we receive for the program...
11:42:38:soufron: so how many themes can we have ? 
11:42:45:_sj_: tobacman: that's effectively what happened last year
11:42:46:pingswept: tobacman has a good point there.
11:42:50:soufron: basically we should one theme a day in each space
11:42:53:soufron: something like that
11:43:02:***: tractor has quit IRC ("Chatzilla [Firefox 1.0.4/20050511]")
11:43:11:_sj_: the trouble with letting themes emerge is that you get unbalanced attention paid to whatever's trendy
11:43:36:pingswept: Ooh, an excellent counter!
11:43:47:_sj_: soufron: this would work out to 8-12 themes
11:43:56:tobacman: sj:  agreed.   
11:43:58:brassratgirl: themes = tracks, yes? or no? 
11:44:00:jkbaumga: don't people often use the themes for inspiration for what to submit, too?
11:44:10:_sj_: jkb, yes.
11:44:32:_sj_: brassratgirl: tracks, in part; also how non-presentatoin parts of the conf are planned
11:44:39:britty: theme would hardly be applied to all stufss
11:44:47:jkbaumga: since there's a really strong librarian community here, there'd be some interest in some kind of theme that includes libraries     not just in educational settings, but corporate, law, news, etc.
11:44:51:_sj_: discussion groups ahead of time,
11:44:56:britty: but it helps community focus on conference
11:44:58:***: BostonMeetup is now known as brettstil
11:45:03:britty: and particularly cfp
11:45:05:pingswept: I suggest we list some possible themes now, just so we know what scale we're talking about.
11:45:22:britty: a panel focusing on a particular theme could be thought
11:45:26:jkbaumga:     Science
11:45:26:jkbaumga:     Library stuff
11:45:26:jkbaumga:     Information science
11:45:26:jkbaumga:     Medicine
11:45:26:jkbaumga:     Education
11:45:26:jkbaumga:     JT's paper
11:45:28:jkbaumga:     wikis in business
11:45:32:rhodylibrarian: i second jkbaumga's comment.
11:45:34:brettstil: if hacking days follows the conference, programmers could create hacks inspired by conference discussion/themes
11:45:35:jkbaumga: is what we came up with when we were brainstorming Monday
11:45:53:_sj_: heya brassratgirl, thanks for that link to rhody's blog, btw
11:46:01:brassratgirl: yup :) 
11:46:11:_sj_: jkb, that would be neat
11:46:23:jkbaumga: also, w/ all the colleges & universities & such here, education could be a great track
11:46:36:brassratgirl: what about 'research'? something broader like that? 
11:46:37:rhodylibrarian: particularly the sciences
11:46:38:_sj_: your list isn't very complete...
11:46:47:_sj_: and I don't get parts of it.
11:46:48:_sj_: jt's paper?
11:46:50:_sj_: medicine?
11:46:58:jkbaumga: I'm kinda thinking of local themes because 1) it's what I know and 2) if we attract the locals, we could potentially get more support
11:47:10:jkbaumga: like I said   it's just brainstorming
11:47:11:_sj_: though jimbo did go to a medical conference in s. america
11:47:14:britty: wikimedia project as opensource project - we are perhaps only one project on which all editors can submit their content directly
11:47:17:Betsy_Devine: Reputation and identity issues in wikipedia
11:47:21:britty: we have no comitter
11:47:29:***: Lupin has quit IRC ("leaving")
11:47:29:_sj_: jkb: yep, not dissing it
11:47:44:jkbaumga: we didn't have anyone at the meeting on Monday who's really involved in Wikimania, so we were just chatting about what we'd like to see, what we think others might want to come to
11:47:45:MikeSnow: Somebody was trying to do an Influenza wiki
11:47:56:britty: community issue from the view of sociology (eg) would be possible too
11:47:56:jkbaumga: yeah, I know you're not dissing it      just providing background
11:48:05:pingswept: Possible theme: future interfaces to wikis: stuff like subethaedit or moonedit.
11:48:19:_sj_: from last year : Technical wiki development; Community reporting/analysis; semantic web / meaning extraction
11:48:29:_sj_: ping: nice
11:48:29:jkbaumga: we also weren't sure how much we could talk about general wiki issues/stuff   versus how much had to be directly linked to Wikimedia projects
11:48:37:brassratgirl: betsy: I like it 
11:48:44:jkbaumga: oooooh   nice, pingswept!
11:48:44:_sj_: mike: there's also a great boatbuilding wiki where a group is working together on a single importnat blueprint
11:48:47:soufron: as for my self
11:48:55:soufron: I think we should have like 5 tracks
11:49:04:pingswept: jk: are we still not sure? That seems like a good question to answer.
11:49:20:soufron: like : legal, developers, social, users, projects
11:49:30:soufron: and then, create themes within these tracks
11:49:31:britty: neat
11:49:31:pingswept: And I'm with Soufron on 5 tracks. Or say 3-7.
11:49:35:jkbaumga: well, since none of us at Monday's meeting were in the loop on Wikimania planning, we didn't know
11:49:55:britty: 7 would be maximum for 4 days (or 5) conference
11:49:57:jkbaumga: I haven't had a lot of time to dig through the wikimaze looking for answers
11:50:05:_sj_: soufron : 12 definitely sounds like too many
11:50:10:jkbaumga: oooooh   boatbuilding wiki!
11:50:20:tobacman: A possible theme:  managing and sustaining large scale translation activities 
11:50:28:pingswept: Boatbuilding wiki? Where?
11:50:37:_sj_: I'd like to see general wiki discussions
11:50:44:pingswept: tobacman: great
11:50:52:brassratgirl: maybe 'international issues'? 
11:50:54:_sj_: and even discussions from devs working on wikis other than mediawiki.
11:50:57:_sj_: but there's some opposition to that;
11:51:08:_sj_: so it's worth having a broad discussion about it.
11:51:17:pingswept: _sj_: that sounds great to me. Why opposition?
11:51:29:***: JamesF is now known as JamesF|Away
11:51:40:_sj_: I think bringing the broader community of active wiki developers and communitarians together at Wikimania is cool; good for everyone
11:51:43:MikeSnow: I would think a compare-and-contrast session on MediaWiki vs. other wiki engines would be great
11:51:48:_sj_: but some people have suggested it should only be for active wikimedians
11:51:52:pingswept: _sj_: Maybe we don't need to get into it now.
11:51:56:_sj_: and perhaps some presenters who are studying the projectrs.
11:52:00:_sj_: definitely a discussion to have on-mailinglist
11:52:01:MikeSnow: I don't know that presentations specifically about other individual engines would be as appropriate
11:52:17:_sj_: MikeSnow: right re: comparisons
11:52:23:_sj_: as in, what are they getting right that mediawiki isn't?
11:52:34:_sj_: or even, what kinds of audiences are other wikis targetting?  a general survey.
11:53:00:soufron: once again
11:53:01:pingswept: MikeSnow: I agree. I'd love to give devs from different projects to talk. That seems like it could be fruitful if the devs were into it.
11:53:07:britty: they are welcome if they know what wikimedia or mediawiki is and isn't
11:53:09:brassratgirl: sj: how wikis are being used elsewhere, generally
11:53:12:_sj_: moving the discussoin to the mailing list :)
11:53:16:_sj_: next point: translation...
11:53:18:MikeSnow: Exactly, how is the wiki software world developing and specializing
11:53:19:soufron: I just copy the organisation we chose in france for our big meeting on complexity
11:53:19:britty: but i don't think they should know them very closely
11:53:23:soufron: it involved 500 attendees
11:53:34:_sj_: soufron, link?
11:53:34:soufron: and that's the way we did
11:53:37:soufron: 5 tracks in 5 buildings
11:53:40:_sj_: ahh, I see it
11:53:47:soufron: complexsystems.lri.fr/
11:53:53:soufron: plus themes within tracks
11:53:59:***: mindspillage has quit IRC ("Leaving")
11:54:07:soufron: it's very flexible
11:54:10:soufron: and still, it's easy to organize
11:54:21:soufron: one theme in the morning
11:54:26:soufron: 1 or 2 themes in the afternoon
11:55:00:britty: and i strongly recommend we accept all good representation even if they don't focus on any recommended themes
11:55:02:_sj_: ok.  we'll discuss themes in more detail at the program meeting next week.
11:55:04:***: mindspillage (n=mindspil@tor/session/x-b3b0b995745103c0) has joined the channel
11:55:17:_sj_: and other acceptance policies. how the cfp should be worded, what we should encourage people to submit.
11:55:20:britty: i know some academic conference which have theme tracks but accept such ones
11:55:31:brassratgirl: soufron: having tracks across days is important, though, so people can attend sessions of interest
11:55:33:britty: it gives flexibility and diversity
11:55:46:_sj_: I'd like to move onto translation briefly; and to soliciting feedback; then we can wrap up the official meeting.
11:55:58:_sj_: er, official chat?  the "agendad" meeting :)
11:56:15:pingswept: Translation, ho!
11:56:25:britty: translation as theme or our practical problem? 
11:56:41:_sj_: as problematique
11:56:54:_sj_: it would make a fine theme, though, now that you mention it
11:57:04:Betsy_Devine: official chat, I love that!
11:57:25:_sj_: I like the idea suggested last chat that we should pus people to discuss things on-wiki.
11:57:52:_sj_: having shorter chats helps encourage that, perhaps :)
11:57:54:_sj_: push*
11:57:59:_sj_: britty: tlaked to sabine lately?
11:58:28:_sj_: the translation effort lats year was pretty ambitious;
11:58:40:_sj_: there were information pages about wikimania in 9+ languages in the early spring
11:58:40:britty: not recently
11:58:53:britty: 12
11:59:09:_sj_: yes, it grew quickly...
11:59:16:_sj_: you can still see the results on meta.
11:59:24:britty: but well it started with 9 langs
11:59:53:_sj_: I think we could be more ambitious this year
11:59:59:britty: i'd like to borrow some core ideas from the last year lang policy
12:00:13:britty: i don't want to call it 'translation'
12:00:27:britty: though for most of you in us residents it would be 'translations'
12:00:53:_sj_: ... and have a system that helps show translators when information pages go stale / have been updated, so they can keep all langs in synch
12:00:54:britty: it brings a false idea there is one and only core lang
12:01:01:_sj_: britty: nice idea
12:01:29:_sj_: what would you call it?
12:01:40:britty: well simply 'our lang policy'
12:01:45:pingswept: Can we get some core documents written first in a language that isn't English?
12:01:48:britty: can i continue to talk
12:02:07:_sj_: britty, go on
12:02:18:britty: pingswept it isn't always a good way all editors should start their content in english
12:02:21:_sj_: (ping: there's a chicken-and-egg problem there)
12:02:31:britty: some of contents on wikimania2006 started in other langs
12:02:44:britty: if it is more convinient for that editor
12:03:05:britty: 1) the website has multiple (perhaps two or three) core langs
12:03:06:_sj_: (similarly, there's a chicken-and-egg problem with saying "we'll look into getting interpreters... once people who don't know English register to attend")
12:03:09:britty: or socalled official langs
12:03:48:britty: 2) all langs on the site will be welcome, but they need to provide some of core webpages
12:03:58:britty: or they won't appear on the website
12:04:17:britty: badly maintained pages give no honor to that lang and its community
12:04:47:_sj_: britty: perhaps we can offer a simple "What is Wikimania?" page, including paragraphs we can use on flyers or in emails, that we get translated into a few dozen languages (to start with)
12:05:09:britty: nods
12:05:11:_sj_: that is unlikely to become 'stale' over the course of the year, and we could put that up on the website.
12:05:22:britty: we need to start with brief notes 
12:05:33:britty: on the wikimania site and on other projectwikis
12:05:43:_sj_: well, that's something I would like to see done as soon as possible.
12:05:56:britty: i'm not sure if all major wikis refer to wikimania 2006
12:05:57:_sj_: we need to send out a "save the date" notice the instant the date is set
12:06:07:Betsy_Devine: And we could link to the "What is Wikimania" page from our blogs, etc. so it's what Google finds when ppl search
12:06:23:britty: Betsy_Devine yep
12:06:24:_sj_: betsy: great idea
12:06:39:britty: wikimania site shoudl be revived
12:06:57:_sj_: well, let's start on meta.
12:07:02:britty: even 'now we begin to prepare hosting you in 2006'
12:07:15:* _sj_ nods
12:07:27:_sj_: so we could use an "announcements" team to coordinate these things
12:07:39:britty: i'd like to hear from boston people what are major ethic community around you
12:07:40:_sj_: and a program team to work on the program
12:08:18:_sj_: (we're having a separate program meeting next week to discuss that)
12:08:21:britty: if they are some considerable ethnic or lang groups it would be nice to involve them into our lang set
12:08:22:_sj_: and a translatoin team to work on early translations.
12:08:34:Betsy_Devine: britty: Every ethic community! Italian in Boston's North End. Brazilian and Portuguese. Every Asian possibility
12:09:15:_sj_: anyone interested in these three things... you're up : http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Teams
12:09:22:britty: due to the characteristic of the city as academic town, you mean
12:09:45:britty: students and academics come from all the corner of the world
12:09:49:Betsy_Devine: britty, Just thinking about my favorite local restaurants, actually 
12:10:09:tobacman: not just them:  there are large communities of haitians and brazilians away from the universities
12:10:49:britty: if i ask you to choose two from them, which you think among them
12:11:01:britty: as two of largest ethnic groups
12:11:04:tobacman: as well as a substantial chinatown
12:11:08:***: Jamesday (n=not@wikipedia/jamesday) has joined the channel
12:11:14:Betsy_Devine: tobacman, true. It'd be a good thing to gather information about restaurants friendly to specific language groups among our visitors.
12:11:49:Betsy_Devine: britty, Spanish-speakers are a very big group.
12:12:07:Betsy_Devine: Second biggest? Chinese or Japanese, I'm guessing.
12:12:13:_sj_: heya james :)
12:12:21:britty: thanks
12:12:24:_sj_: ok, is there anyone who could help draft these early announcements?
12:12:32:_sj_: even the announcement to solicit translators needs to be written.
12:12:46:tobacman: maybe just to gauge general multilingual-ness of the current active planning crewe, can we take a quick poll of people in the room now:
12:12:49:Jamesday: Hi sj, all :)
12:12:53:tobacman: what languages are represented?
12:12:53:Betsy_Devine: sj, I volunteer to help draft stuff.
12:13:43:_sj_: betsy, thanks
12:13:51:Betsy_Devine: I'm sure there's lots of stuff from previous meetings we could re-work and/or steal for the purpose.
12:13:58:_sj_: right.
12:14:30:_sj_: and we could use another couple translation coordinators, if we want to be serious about that.
12:14:40:Betsy_Devine: ->_sj_: Where are you at the moment?
12:15:10:jkbaumga: I think even just having little excerpts bloggers or various other groups could grab for marketing
12:15:17:_sj_: btw, can we schedule a focused meeting at the end of the week to discuss the date?
12:15:59:_sj_: EricaG and I can grab the events and room offices next week, and we should all discuss the two possible weeks on-wiki;
12:16:12:EricaG: yes
12:16:15:Betsy_Devine: Jessica, good idea. Like a press kit.
12:16:36:_sj_: perhaps this Friday or Saturday?
12:17:03:EricaG: i don't at all know my own schedule, since i'll be visiting my family, but if i'm not at a computer i could call someone who is
12:17:03:_sj_: I'll pass the req. to the mailing list as well.
12:18:04:***: tractor (n=chatzill@ has joined the channel
12:18:05:_sj_: erica: alright.  maybe worth checking out... the room offices have already delayed long enough.  we don't want to let all the other summer events beat us to grabbing dates.
12:18:37:_sj_: they should be working around our schedules ;)
12:18:41:_sj_: in tunis
12:18:59:Betsy_Devine: ->_sj_: Wow. Stay safe, please.
12:19:07:_sj_: jkb: nice idea.  can you help with that?
12:19:12:_sj_: sure thing.
12:19:15:_sj_: not as dangerous as they say.
12:19:47:***: mindspillage has quit IRC (Remote closed the connection)
12:19:54:Betsy_Devine: ->_sj_: Good. 
12:20:25:_sj_: the last point on the agenda: getting feedback
12:20:36:_sj_: tobacman: this relates to your questoin about multilingualism
12:21:09:_sj_: (I'd count myself as just english, but see about 6 other langs among the people chatting so far)
12:21:36:_sj_: do we need separate lists again for conference planning and conf discussion/announcements?
12:22:28:_sj_: are there groups who should be aware of the conference who don't know about it yet?
12:22:31:jkbaumga: well, one of the concerns with separate stuff is bringing the ideas all back together
12:22:39:_sj_: to britty's point about various projects... I think a lot of them have no links anywhere to wikimania.
12:22:41:jkbaumga: we have the problem just with the English stuff
12:22:51:_sj_: so their only possible knowledge of it is through publicity of the first conference last year,
12:23:04:_sj_: or subscription to foundation-l or their multilingual project mailing list
12:23:04:Betsy_Devine: And another concern with separate stuff is that ppl who skip reading the English stuff can miss critical info, if translation is slow or uneven.
12:23:21:_sj_: (and of those, only wikipedia-l has had notice of the event this year, I believe)
12:23:32:brassratgirl: jkb: agree 
12:23:57:Betsy_Devine: Maybe we could try to get the wikimania page in wikipedia declared a collaboration of the week.
12:24:35:***: _sj_ has left the channel ()
12:24:44:***: _sj_ (n=metasj@wikipedia/sj) has joined the channel
12:25:00:_sj_: a wikimania cotw would be neat.
12:25:39:_sj_: if there's to be just one list,
12:25:46:_sj_: we should start having more planning discussions there.
12:26:11:_sj_: and jkb rightly complained to me the other week that it's hard to figure out where on meta to add ideas
12:26:35:_sj_: as there is wikimania-2005 content, links to the wikimania website, the bids, etc.
12:27:30:***: MikeSnow has left the channel ()
12:27:35:tobacman: right now much more of the 'mania website on meta pertains to planning and organziation, rather than presenting a public face for the conference itself, focussed on content. 
12:27:49:britty: all 2005 stuffs could be archived as is
12:28:20:Jamesday: You do realise that it is trivial to set up one wiki per gathering?
12:28:30:Jamesday: that neatly solves the archiving issue as well.
12:28:33:britty: stuffs on meta are actually for our organisation tasks - not necessary to present something officially imo
12:29:00:***: mindspillage (n=mindspil@tor/session/x-741936a5b746212f) has joined the channel
12:29:01:brassratgirl: jamesday: it would be nice to have it be contained 
12:29:35:Jamesday: discuss, agree then ask :) Remember the techs deal with almost 700 wikis already so it's not a big deal to make life simpler.
12:29:44:britty: tar -cfv wikimania2005/*
12:30:09:tobacman: britty>  sure.  i guess i'm more making an observation that we should decide where more content-like pages for the conference should go.
12:30:09:_sj_: britty: true; but we need to offer a clear space (on a wiki) to get community and outside feedback, ideas about contingencies, t-shirt design ideas, &c... 
12:30:14:britty: but if we can give a look always to past things, it would be greater
12:30:23:tobacman: it seems that this could usefully be separated from the planning pages.
12:30:34:***: sistero (n=pheobeze@ip126-23-59-81.dyndsl.versatel.nl) has joined the channel
12:30:42:_sj_: tobacman: taking words out of my mouth.
12:30:52:britty: sj you mean we have two wikis
12:31:04:_sj_: britty: no, just a clear set of pages on meta.
12:31:07:britty: 1) official site (for cfp, visitors ...) and 2) planning
12:31:09:britty: ah yes
12:31:32:britty: meta pages are better to be kept as simple as possible
12:31:34:Jamesday: One comment from a potential sponsor (MySQL). Get the details of expected press and other attendance out early. MySQL would probably have sponsored the first if that had been done far enough in advance (and if the organisers had responded to a request for info)
12:31:42:_sj_: I think we mainly need more feedback atm.
12:32:01:_sj_: jamesday: in terms of #s?
12:32:01:tobacman: britty:  sure-- and it would be nice for the offical site always to include links:  "if you would like to get more invovled in discussing/planning relating to this part of the conference, please look here."
12:32:08:_sj_: # of attendees, you mean?
12:32:38:britty: tobacman that was what the official site did since its opening in the early april
12:32:47:britty: but sooner, better (smile)
12:32:53:_sj_: is anyone interested in working with outside groups to get feedback from them (like jamesday's comment) about what they would like to see?
12:32:59:Jamesday: sj, both attendees and press. Press is more important because it is potential media exposure level for the sponsor.
12:33:18:_sj_: Jamesday: but perhaps harder to gauge, no?
12:33:25:jkbaumga: I've got some feedback from various librarian groups about what they want to see from the site
12:33:36:Jamesday: And if you want a sponsor, contact arjen@mysql.com ASAP and start finding out what MySQL wants - he's one of the community guys.
12:33:45:Jamesday: sj, estimate beats nothing.
12:33:54:EricaG: especially this far out - press will not commit remotely this early... we could tell sponsors who we'll invite, who we had last year, who we think will also come this year...
12:33:55:_sj_: right.
12:33:57:britty: jkbaumga can you give those requests to us on mailinglist
12:34:12:_sj_: Please put comments (feedback, new ideas, links to new & better meta-pages) here:
12:34:12:_sj_: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimania_2006/Teams#November_19
12:34:16:jkbaumga: which mailing list?
12:34:23:britty: or on meta
12:34:24:brassratgirl: we could always use last year's numbers, and say we expect more this year
12:34:30:brassratgirl: (for press and such) 
12:34:32:Jamesday: You might also set up an email address specifically for sponsors or potential sponsors so they get fast service - it'll help.
12:34:36:_sj_: I'll add links there and to the meetings page with a chat summary.
12:34:42:jkbaumga: that's a great idea, Jamesday
12:34:44:britty: sj how about we have 'open letter page' on wikimania2006
12:34:49:_sj_: jamesday: right.
12:34:59:britty: like 'Q. What you want to see on wikimania2006 conference'
12:35:04:Austin: Gee, it's busy.
12:35:05:jkbaumga: we should figure out what we want to do w/ the press
12:35:09:britty: 'Q. what .. on the website'
12:35:12:_sj_: britty: nice thought.
12:35:16:jkbaumga: it'd be to our benefit to have some coverage of wikimania early
12:35:17:tobacman: It's been fun, folks.     Ciao!
12:35:18:_sj_: asking people to add comments below each question?
12:35:19:jkbaumga: let ppl know about it
12:35:20:***: tobacman has left the channel ()
12:35:23:britty: sj sure
12:35:26:Jamesday: Should contact news organisations now and get ballpark level of interest from them
12:35:34:jkbaumga: know they might want to register for it
12:35:36:Jamesday: and some clue about the level of facilities they will be after :)
12:35:41:jkbaumga: as well as getting press to attend and cover the conference
12:35:52:britty: and questions should be multilingual ';)
12:36:09:_sj_: (:
12:36:17:rhodylibrarian: are you doing press credentials?
12:36:31:_sj_: rhody: we should discuss that on the mailing list.
12:36:34:Jamesday: Remember that by the time this happens, the wikipedia.org domain will probably be in th etop 5 sites on the internet - it'll be very big news.
12:36:49:_sj_: Jamesday: point.
12:36:50:Betsy_Devine: If we can agree on even one of our theme/streams early, we could use that in a pitch for news coverage. 
12:37:00:* await waves -- must go... I'll read logs! 
12:37:05:_sj_: if we can table discussion of feedback for a moment, I'd like to wrap up the chat -- 
12:37:08:***: await has quit IRC (Remote closed the connection)
12:37:10:_sj_: then we can keep talking :)
12:37:19:Betsy_Devine: ok
12:37:26:rhodylibrarian: someone should be pulling your action items out of this chat and post them to the list and wiki..helps keep the focus
12:37:31:Jamesday: (top 5 requires raising and spending about $750,000 on hardware btw)
12:37:45:_sj_: just to remind everyone : the next meeting is tentatively set for December 3, 2200 UTC
12:38:02:_sj_: if we can keep reducing meeting length, it will be just over an hour.
12:38:10:_sj_: eventually ew won't have meetings at all ;-)
12:38:46:_sj_: a number of issues were tabled for discussion on the mailing list and wiki;
12:39:01:_sj_: (we had a fairly small group for the discussion today.)
12:39:28:_sj_: the most urgent issues are date selection, the program, and announcements; 
12:39:51:_sj_: anyone who can help work on details for the potential dates this week, would be most welcome
12:40:35:_sj_: (details mainly being ideas about how we could innovatively fit people into houses and additional dorms; or speakers into smaller rooms)
12:40:49:brassratgirl: sj: what kind of help is needed for date selection? 
12:40:54:_sj_: erica and I will get all the raw room details online asap.
12:41:27:***: cimon has quit IRC ("Leaving")
12:41:30:***: sistero has left the channel ()
12:41:49:_sj_: brassratgirl : some of it will be clustering comments from discussions on the mailing list
12:42:10:_sj_: , organizing the suggested pros and cons.  
12:42:33:_sj_: also, preparing two short parallel overviews of how the two weeks would differ
12:43:54:_sj_: for those who came late : http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Planning/Dates
12:44:03:***: brettstil has left the channel ()
12:44:23:***: shekhar has quit IRC (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:44:46:_sj_: <rhodylibrarian> someone should be pulling your action items out of this chat and post them to the list and wiki..helps keep the focus
12:45:09:_sj_: I'll do that, before sending out a longer summary.
12:45:29:_sj_: heya austin :)
12:45:48:_sj_: could you make a program meeting on tues or wed?
12:46:09:***: cimon (n=cimon@cs181028.pp.htv.fi) has joined the channel
12:46:19:***: cimon has quit IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:48:02:_sj_: betsy's going to help with drafting some announcements; 
12:48:16:_sj_: (and britty too? :-)
12:48:41:_sj_: and we'll schedule another short meeting about the date for next weekend.
12:49:04:jkbaumga: _sj_, are you talking about a Bostonish programming meeting or ...
12:49:10:Betsy_Devine: Yep. I think a good start would be to collect a bunch of paragraphs describing Wikipedia and Wikimania, which we can then mine for press releases, announcements, etc.
12:49:27:Betsy_Devine: a bunch of standalone paragraphs
12:49:28:jkbaumga: well, all Wikimedia Foundation projects ...
12:49:39:britty: (sure
12:50:01:_sj_: that's all (plus recap); end of capitalized-chat :)  
12:50:17:_sj_: jkb: a program meeting of everyone interested in it;
12:50:42:_sj_: program organization; software; setting up tracks and review teams; getting outside program advisors...
12:50:48:jkbaumga: online or face to face or ... ?
12:51:00:britty: Betsy_Devine the last conference was covered by german media i heard bt i don't know if they are now available for you
12:51:03:_sj_: online.  I expect most people who care about the program couldn't make a f2f meeting (;
12:51:18:jkbaumga: I was just trying to get clarification
12:51:29:_sj_: betsy: you should check with elian, both the wmf press officer and in charge of press @ last year's wikimania
12:51:48:Betsy_Devine: sj, thx.
12:51:53:jkbaumga: there are mutterings about a local meeting around here, so I just wondered if it was one and the same
12:52:10:britty: and if you like, please visit wikimedia foundation site
12:52:18:_sj_: you can find some good content on http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Press_book
12:52:20:britty: (and give your impression to me or sj, plz
12:53:03:_sj_: jkb: we could have the boston folks get together for it;
12:53:08:Betsy_Devine: ->britty: email address? mine is betsy at funnybits dot com
12:53:19:_sj_: that would be a good chance for someone from neasist to give their input in person
12:53:29:britty: mine is aphaia at gmail dot com
12:53:46:_sj_: if they're not IRC fiends...
12:54:01:Betsy_Devine: britty, I'll come up with a page or two of useful nuggets and email it to you and sj by tomorrow night.
12:54:05:britty: you are one of bostonian folks?
12:54:21:Betsy_Devine: ->britty: Yep. I live in Cambridge, MA. You?
12:54:24:_sj_: betsy, I cut you off before about selecting themes/streams...
12:54:27:britty: in japan
12:54:32:_sj_: you said that having one early would help attract press?
12:54:39:Betsy_Devine: ->britty: Neat.
12:54:42:britty: a bit complicated, but i am known as aphaia on the wiki
12:54:57:_sj_: do you mean helping to define the conference in a few sentences?  or describing more narrowly what it would include?
12:55:06:britty: people refer to me britty, aphaia or any they want to call me ;p
12:55:07:Betsy_Devine: sj, yes, don't you think so? Multilingual collaboration might be a good one.
12:55:18:_sj_: betsy: why don't you put them on the wiki?
12:55:27:_sj_: just make a new page on meta for 'wikimania nuggets' :)
12:55:29:britty: my meta page has a brief description about that
12:55:30:Betsy_Devine: sj, right, a much better ida.
12:55:35:_sj_: I think there should be as little private wikimania-related mail as possible...
12:56:00:Betsy_Devine: ->britty: I don't have a user page yet in meta. I need to fix that, I guess.
12:56:07:britty: Betsy_Devine thanks
12:56:49:britty: you can edit as an anonym but i recommend to have an account of course
12:57:00:britty: then you can set your mail address there
12:57:06:Betsy_Devine: OK, great to see everybody, I'm off to do the lunch thing.
12:57:15:_sj_: enjoy!
12:57:16:Betsy_Devine: ->britty: Thx, good idea.
12:57:17:_sj_: britty: betsy should send you and me her impressions of the wmf site?  :-) 
12:57:24:_sj_: you mean the translations, maybe...
12:57:28:***: shekhar (n=shekhar@EDGERTON-NINETY-TWO.MIT.EDU) has joined the channel
12:57:34:britty: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Aphaia
12:57:43:_sj_: anyway, we need to get a proper translation team this year
12:57:58:britty: my page has a brief list of wikimania lang issue related pages
12:57:59:Betsy_Devine: sj, oui oui, si si, and ja ja
12:58:05:rhodylibrarian: not an IRC fiend yet.  I'll be looking to see what date and time are set for the F2F next week. Off to pick up a turkey...
12:58:09:britty: i hope they helpful for you
12:58:11:_sj_: and have people send comments to Babylon
12:58:45:Betsy_Devine: Babylon?
12:59:07:***: brassratgirl has left the channel ()
12:59:13:britty: sj (grin)
12:59:19:_sj_: betsy: it's a translator-s noticeboard
12:59:20:britty: or what our site will be or won't be
12:59:21:_sj_: on meta
12:59:25:_sj_: hasn't been active reecently...
12:59:36:Betsy_Devine: k, thx. cya!
12:59:38:britty: you can access it through my page ;p
Log file closed at: 11/19/05 12:59:42 PM