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Volunteer planning meeting, April 16, 2006, freenode#wikimania

This was a meeting to coordinate volunteer tasks and talk about what needs to be done, especially concentrating on what needs to be done soon/this month. We went through the agenda item by item. Please contact sj with volunteering questions.

Agenda and sign-up

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Here are some pressing volunteer teams and opportunities:

  • Call for Participation & BOFs : Distribution; how to encourage submission (cookies?); outline of a good proposal
    Linuxbeak, brassratgirl
  • Wikimania online :
    • Live video/audio : Podcasts; audio & video streaming;
      Colin R, michael, Apple
    • Live session text: multilingual transcripts, live-blogging, conference IRC channels
      (mindspillage, ROC, steve g)
  • Design : Posters, banners, buttons, site
    Tlogmer, B4, Linuxbeak, ngb
  • Content : Local guidebook, program, proceedings
    ngb, await
  • Outings : Tours and events before & after Wikimania
    jkb, betsy devine
    • Crash space : Coordinating crash space and rides to/from the airport among remote and local Wikipedians
  • Community outreach : Announcements, translation, wiki banners, &c.
    aphaia, Sabine Cretella, ngb
  • Contests : Writing and Media contests; tool/hacking contest; visualization contest
    Arnomane. Potential: ngb, Fir
[4/16/2006 1:52 PM] <_sj> I think we can start...
[4/16/2006 1:52 PM] <Linuxbeak> good
[4/16/2006 1:53 PM] <_sj> there are three main groups of work that need to be done.
[4/16/2006 1:53 PM] <_sj> information and promotion about wikimania (to the community and to people who have no idea what it is)
[4/16/2006 1:53 PM] -->| cimon (n=cimon@cs180204.pp.htv.fi) has joined #wikimania
[4/16/2006 1:53 PM] <_sj> organization of fun events at/around wikimania (outings, film festivals, &c)
[4/16/2006 1:54 PM] <_sj> including the media contest (hi arnomane :)
[4/16/2006 1:54 PM] <_sj> and preparation for the online transmission / sharing of the event
[4/16/2006 1:54 PM] <_sj> which will include live audio and video, transcripts and irc chats, and discussions on related wikis
[4/16/2006 1:54 PM] * await ngb SJ has us down for "Content" - I'm Sasha.  Nice to meet you. 
[4/16/2006 1:55 PM] * await hopes to learn to use IRC someday. 
[4/16/2006 1:55 PM] <_sj> linux, glad to see you want to help with the cfp explanations and bofs.
[4/16/2006 1:55 PM] <ngb> await: Heh. Likewise. :)
[4/16/2006 1:55 PM] <_sj> I'll run down th elist and explain in a few words what needs doing for each; ask questions at will.
[4/16/2006 1:56 PM] <Arnomane> _sj jes ;-)
[4/16/2006 1:56 PM] <_sj> Participation / BOFs :/ how to participate
[4/16/2006 1:56 PM] <_sj> -- this week, we should put up detailed information about what it means to participate,
[4/16/2006 1:56 PM] <_sj> all the ways you can be involved with a session or come up with a presentation or poster
[4/16/2006 1:56 PM] <_sj> for people who have never done it before.
[4/16/2006 1:57 PM] <_sj> BOFs are 'birds of a feather' sessions -- pretty informal gatherings about a topic
[4/16/2006 1:57 PM] <_sj> people who haven't gone to a conference withthem before should have an idea of what they're like
[4/16/2006 1:57 PM] <Whopp> hmm
[4/16/2006 1:57 PM] <_sj> and how to throw one together on-site if necessary :)
[4/16/2006 1:58 PM] <_sj> there are 2 weeks remaining for proposal submissions;
[4/16/2006 1:58 PM] <_sj> another announcement about the this will go out in the next couple of days.
[4/16/2006 1:58 PM] <Linuxbeak> Can we start immediately with the reviewing?
[4/16/2006 1:58 PM] <_sj> it would be great to link to examples of a good proposal.
[4/16/2006 1:58 PM] <_sj> linux: workshops and tutorials will be reviewed first.
[4/16/2006 1:58 PM] <Linuxbeak> Right.
[4/16/2006 1:59 PM] <brassratgirl> linuxbeak: get in touch with me about reviewing .. 
[4/16/2006 1:59 PM] <_sj> brg can tell you more about the review process... it's not that complicated
[4/16/2006 1:59 PM] <_sj> Wikimania online : this will be something greatly appreciatd
[4/16/2006 1:59 PM] <effeietsanders> can a list been published of what topics are already been submitted?
[4/16/2006 2:00 PM] <effeietsanders> so people can check if their idea has already been taken care of?
[4/16/2006 2:00 PM] <_sj> (effe: an idea...)
[4/16/2006 2:00 PM] <effeietsanders> just a list of titles or subjects
[4/16/2006 2:00 PM] -->| delphine- (n=Delphine@wikimedia/notafish) has joined #wikimania
[4/16/2006 2:00 PM] <_sj> we should at least explain, along with a sample submission, where to look for updates and what metadata is available.
[4/16/2006 2:00 PM] <effeietsanders> if someone is doubting, it could be a good thing to pull him over
[4/16/2006 2:01 PM] <Linuxbeak> brassratgirl: Alright.
[4/16/2006 2:01 PM] <_sj> *nod*
[4/16/2006 2:01 PM] <_sj> wikimania online :
[4/16/2006 2:01 PM] <_sj> this has many components; and will need a lot of hands to make it great
[4/16/2006 2:02 PM] <_sj> apple has offered bandwidth again for audio/video, 'as much as we need'... we should test that :-)
[4/16/2006 2:03 PM] <_sj> if you know people with experience in audio/video streaming and archiving, find out if they're interested in helping out.
[4/16/2006 2:03 PM] <Arnomane> hm with regard to the contest and media thing there is some hard work in commons to do... I am currently rewriting the help pages and am also improving the commons interface as nobody wants to be creative in a ugly environement so I'd need some wiki pioneers :p
[4/16/2006 2:03 PM] <_sj> getting streams and neatly-packaged 'casts up quickly will take many people working together.
[4/16/2006 2:04 PM] <_sj> arno: indeed.  ditto for the live media produced by people at wikimania; there will be many people with videocameras there making their own recordings.
[4/16/2006 2:04 PM] <_sj> live text : this is something people can help with from all ove rthe world.
[4/16/2006 2:04 PM] <effeietsanders> Arnomane: you mean to test if everything is clear?
[4/16/2006 2:05 PM] <_sj> The best experience I've had with live transcription / live-blogging was with two people listening to streamed audio, and transcribing together
[4/16/2006 2:05 PM] <_sj> one of them focusing on formatting it nicely afterwards into reasonably-sized blog posts.
[4/16/2006 2:05 PM] <Arnomane> effeietsanders: well we need to make some order from chaos.
[4/16/2006 2:05 PM] <agr> Has someone talked to the AV people at Berkman/HLS?
[4/16/2006 2:06 PM] <_sj> agr: delphine and I  have... and we have a direct contact there (Erica, couldn't be here today)
[4/16/2006 2:06 PM] <_sj> they will be helpful.
[4/16/2006 2:06 PM] <_sj> but we will have 4+ simultaneous sessions going
[4/16/2006 2:06 PM] <delphine-> and we need people to run in between the sessions ;)
[4/16/2006 2:06 PM] <_sj> hi del (:
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <ngb> We need to recruit some teams to to do transcription, then.
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <_sj> they are happy to train volunteers to run their equipment
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <Arnomane> effeietsanders: by the way I did rewrite our current http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Uploadtext hopefully people make good use of it...
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <_sj> and have people on-call for emergencies.  but can't provide all hands.
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <ngb> It would be nice to bill it as a good way to participate in the Conference even if you can't make it to, or can't afford to make it to, Boston.
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <_sj> ngb: definitely.
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <Arnomane> effeietsanders: there are also some technical issues, I want Commons being a serious stock media archive
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <_sj> this is a great way for people who can't make it in person to take part
[4/16/2006 2:07 PM] <ngb> sj: You can count me in, anyway. :)
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <_sj> we could use people doing this in languages other than english.
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <_sj> and we also need people to monitor conference IRC channels;
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <Arnomane> effeietsanders: and one of our largest problem is our ugly mediawiki image page design
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <ngb> Woo. Live translation. I like it.
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <Arnomane> effeietsanders: nobody wants to make nice image captions on ugly pages
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <effeietsanders> :)
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <_sj> in transcriptoin, it's not so hard.  so they tell me.
[4/16/2006 2:08 PM] <_sj> on irc, we particularly need people to pass on questions from those listening
[4/16/2006 2:09 PM] <_sj> and listening in a non-native language is easier than forming good questions in that language...
[4/16/2006 2:09 PM] <_sj> again, having people who can translate IRC/wiki questions for the speakers would be helpful.
[4/16/2006 2:09 PM] <_sj> something to consider for those thinking about having 'wikimania parties' in other countries...
[4/16/2006 2:10 PM] <_sj> Design :  most immediately, we need buttons and banners for partner sites
[4/16/2006 2:10 PM] <_sj> blogs and other groups that want to support / link to wikimania
[4/16/2006 2:10 PM] <_sj> and we need a site design .
[4/16/2006 2:10 PM] <ngb> How much leeway do we have in terms of site design?
[4/16/2006 2:10 PM] <_sj> well, need is a strong term :)
[4/16/2006 2:11 PM] <_sj> it's a mediawiki installation.
[4/16/2006 2:11 PM] <ngb> OK, so essentially we're skinning mediawiki.
[4/16/2006 2:11 PM] <_sj> that imposes some constraints...
[4/16/2006 2:11 PM] <effeietsanders> show what is all possible with maniawiki
[4/16/2006 2:11 PM] <effeietsanders> *mediawiki :P
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <_sj> yes, it should be a good test case
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <_sj> you can do a lot with skins.
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <effeietsanders> make it a nice piece of work etc
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <_sj> (ngb: if you have some brilliant idea that would work if only it weren't mediawiki, you can at least note them to give others good ideas)
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <Arnomane> we'd need a good skin for handhelds
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <Linuxbeak> Gotta go. my ride is here... sorry people.
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <_sj> later, lb
[4/16/2006 2:12 PM] <ngb> Night Linuxbeak.
[4/16/2006 2:13 PM] |<-- Linuxbeak has left freenode ("Leaving")
[4/16/2006 2:13 PM] <_sj> arno: true... at least for the core content
[4/16/2006 2:13 PM] <_sj> but secondary.
[4/16/2006 2:13 PM] <agr> Do you need GFDL pix of the venue? I'm local.
[4/16/2006 2:13 PM] <_sj> agr: if you have really beautiful ones :)
[4/16/2006 2:14 PM] <Arnomane> maybe we should start with good support for text browsers... there are some cool things around like http://www.wapedia.de which is a wap-gateway for wikipedia
[4/16/2006 2:14 PM] <_sj> we do have some pix.   and pix of boston/cambridge in general would be useful.
[4/16/2006 2:14 PM] <delphine-> agr, please make them GFDl/CC-BY-SA :P
[4/16/2006 2:14 PM] <Arnomane> but using wikipedia directly with larger hand helds would be good, it would also increase acessibility for blind people using text browsers
[4/16/2006 2:14 PM] <delphine-> or we won't be able to print them on brochures :P
[4/16/2006 2:15 PM] <_sj> arno: yes.  perhaps you can advise the web designers about that.
[4/16/2006 2:15 PM] <_sj> delphine- : aren't our brochures going to use the "gfdl watermark" design?
[4/16/2006 2:15 PM] <delphine-> hmpf
[4/16/2006 2:15 PM] <_sj> we will also need posters and flyers, to announce the event
[4/16/2006 2:15 PM] <delphine-> yep
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <await> delphine- one sentence is probably fine.  IS there some legal eddict from the FSF that says otehrwise. 
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <Arnomane> delphine-: don't care ;-) I'd say if you print it just with the lciense hint and the download URL and provide the copy with the GFDL online you have noe problem with the GFDL in that case but CC is better...
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <_sj> but not quite this-month urgent.
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <delphine-> nope
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <delphine-> await which doesn't prevent us from dual-licensing them :P
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] =-= Whopp is now known as Whop|away
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <delphine-> anyway, this is not the debate
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <_sj> Content : we will need a guidebook with notes about the city and campuses
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <Arnomane> jepp
[4/16/2006 2:16 PM] <_sj> and proceedings of the presentations
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <_sj> (which brg and await have been separately discussing)
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <delphine-> aren't proceedings "after" the conference?
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <delphine-> :/
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <Arnomane> hm will that presentation stuff be uploaded to the commons?
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <_sj> yep.  but preparation beforehand helps make sure they're done neatly
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <brassratgirl> delphine: not proceedings, but abstracts 
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <delphine-> brassratgirl ah, good :)
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <agr> I can go take some, load on Commons, GFDL+CC-BY-SA of course. Any specific needs (e.g. Pound Hall, Harvard Square)? Who should i notify?
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <brassratgirl> delphine: full proceedings after the conference, yes :) 
[4/16/2006 2:17 PM] <Arnomane> in case we should create a commons project about that matter and create some structure 
[4/16/2006 2:18 PM] <_sj> the people working on proceedings / abstracts will have work starting this month, as we finalize a few workshops.
[4/16/2006 2:18 PM] <_sj> arno: yes, some will.
[4/16/2006 2:18 PM] |<-- admanta has left freenode ("In memory of: Komarov, Adams, Dobrovolski, Patsayev, Volkov, Jarvis, McAuliffe, McNair, Onizuka, Resnik, Smith, Scobee, Husba)
[4/16/2006 2:18 PM] <brassratgirl> ngb and I have been talking about proceedings and how to structure them 
[4/16/2006 2:18 PM] <brassratgirl> so, ideas are welcome 
[4/16/2006 2:18 PM] <_sj> arno : sounds like there are 2 or 3 separate commons projects here 
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <Arnomane> _sj: I am currently stilll absorbed bringing the rest of commons into shape, probably till end of this month
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <delphine-> sj I think we could separate the "attendee package" from the "conference package" if that makes any sense. ie. do a neat "restaurants/social whatever" kind of booklet, and another with just confrence program
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <delphine-> we could then divide the task in two parts and one part would not hold the other
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <_sj> ok.  If you run across others interested in this, let's pull a team together to give these projects a shared feel
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <await> _sj : re dual licensing.  You know my first preference is to have full bi-lateral compatibility.  I keep getting promises.  And I hope it will happen. 
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <_sj> del : agreed
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <brassratgirl> delphine: that makes sense to me 
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <ngb> re: abstracts/proceedings
[4/16/2006 2:19 PM] <_sj> the social package can be finished earlier, among other things !
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <delphine-> sj yep !
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <_sj> ngb: yes?
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <ngb> I am going to knock up some stuff on meta as a test for displaying abstracts
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <_sj> beautiful
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <ngb> i'll use the dummy submissions from indico
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <_sj> are you calling me a dummy?
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <ngb> as soon as I've worked out a place I'll let everyone know, for comments & participation
[4/16/2006 2:20 PM] <ngb> sj: Never :)
[4/16/2006 2:21 PM] <_sj> ;)
[4/16/2006 2:21 PM] <ngb> As far as proceedings go
[4/16/2006 2:21 PM] <ngb> BRG and I agree that it would be interesting to get them properly published, but I think both of us think we should walk before we start running
[4/16/2006 2:21 PM] * await nods
[4/16/2006 2:21 PM] <_sj> sensible.
[4/16/2006 2:21 PM] <ngb> I can start putting feelers out in the direction of a few publishers
[4/16/2006 2:22 PM] <ngb> and we can gauge the level of interest
[4/16/2006 2:22 PM] <ngb> but our starting point on proceedings will obviously be a secure wiki
[4/16/2006 2:22 PM] <_sj> you're concerned about security?
[4/16/2006 2:22 PM] <ngb> i'm slightly concerned about who edits, yes
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <brassratgirl> I think we were talking about setting up a good way to archive them now.. and adding content after the conference 
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <ngb> it's something we need to discuss as a group, probably
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <_sj> ok.
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <ngb> for now what we need to do is get the abstracts nicely displayed
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <ngb> as they start coming in
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <brassratgirl> (as they get accepted, rather..) 
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <ngb> (as a subsidiary point, getting them linked to the schedule)
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <ngb> erm, yes
[4/16/2006 2:23 PM] <ngb> sorry :)
[4/16/2006 2:24 PM] <_sj> as for that other part of content, info about the city and local events : 
[4/16/2006 2:24 PM] <_sj> agr, you could be helpful there
[4/16/2006 2:24 PM] <ngb> yes, this is where I become less useful I'm afraid :)
[4/16/2006 2:24 PM] <_sj> ditto mako, who still sees the city with fresh eyes
[4/16/2006 2:25 PM] <_sj> bringing us to the next potin -- =outings 
[4/16/2006 2:25 PM] <_sj> Outings : there's a lot to do around Boston, and it would be great to have people pick some juicy ones and plan to lead an outing before or after Wikimania
[4/16/2006 2:25 PM] <agr> sure.  
[4/16/2006 2:26 PM] <effeietsanders> if you can have enough housing before and after mania of course
[4/16/2006 2:26 PM] <_sj> It helps if you're local to do this, but you don't have to be; it is enough to want to plan an event with a dozen or so other people.
[4/16/2006 2:27 PM] <_sj> effe: the people who will stay around the city will have found housing, one way or another
[4/16/2006 2:27 PM] <_sj> (even if we can't offer dorm housing then)
[4/16/2006 2:27 PM] <agr> hotels here are pretty pricey
[4/16/2006 2:28 PM] <_sj> true.  but there's a YMCA not so far away.
[4/16/2006 2:28 PM] <_sj> another item to add to the list : 
[4/16/2006 2:28 PM] <_sj> coordinating crash space among local wikipedians 
[4/16/2006 2:28 PM] <agr> a separate YWCA too, but i'm not sure of capacity
[4/16/2006 2:29 PM] <_sj> agr: right.  there's surely more space with local WP'ans than at the Y
[4/16/2006 2:29 PM] <brassratgirl> there's probably hostels too, right? 
[4/16/2006 2:29 PM] <agr> Has anyone checked with other nearby schools for dorm use?
[4/16/2006 2:30 PM] <brassratgirl> (though booking in august..) 
[4/16/2006 2:30 PM] <effeietsanders> have you also thought about going with a group to newyork instead of staying in boston?
[4/16/2006 2:30 PM] <_sj> effe: that's one suggestion, yes.
[4/16/2006 2:30 PM] <effeietsanders> for europeans it's all close together :P
[4/16/2006 2:30 PM] <_sj> I think a group is going to new york after wikimania
[4/16/2006 2:30 PM] <agr> Not aware of hostels
[4/16/2006 2:30 PM] <_sj> it's even harder to find cheap hotels there :-)
[4/16/2006 2:31 PM] <_sj> agr: the likely places are rather far from the conference itself.
[4/16/2006 2:31 PM] <_sj> but for afterwards... not so bad.  we have a handful of hostels in Boston
[4/16/2006 2:31 PM] <agr> NYC can be cheaper. There are decent second and third tier hotels 
[4/16/2006 2:32 PM] <_sj> agr: want to help look into secondary housing for attendees?
[4/16/2006 2:32 PM] <agr> MIT, BU,  Northeasten are easy subway rides. Tufts isn't too bad
[4/16/2006 2:33 PM] <agr> What do you mean by secondary?
[4/16/2006 2:33 PM] <_sj> (before and after the conference)
[4/16/2006 2:33 PM] <_sj> e.g., for those staying to see the area
[4/16/2006 2:33 PM] <await> _sj - last I checked that YMCA was charging 50/night for a shared room with 8 people and that was 6 years ago.
[4/16/2006 2:34 PM] <brassratgirl> it looks like there's at least one HI in boston that does group reservations (http://www.bostonhostel.org/); not in or near cambridge though 
[4/16/2006 2:34 PM] <_sj> right.  and the Irish Embassy, &c
[4/16/2006 2:35 PM] <agr> any guess on numbers involved?
[4/16/2006 2:35 PM] <_sj> It makes sense for people looking into outings to look into this as well;
[4/16/2006 2:35 PM] <_sj> since both involve polling attendees and finding out how many will be around
[4/16/2006 2:36 PM] <brassratgirl> maybe we should add a place on the site to sign up, for people interested in staying particular days and getting a place to stay as a group 
[4/16/2006 2:36 PM] <brassratgirl> (along with polling) 
[4/16/2006 2:36 PM] <_sj> sounds good.
[4/16/2006 2:36 PM] <effeietsanders> add a field in the conference-subscription if people would be interested?
[4/16/2006 2:37 PM] <effeietsanders> that way you could try to guess a number
[4/16/2006 2:37 PM] <_sj> something to coordinate an 'Outings' page with people's travel and lodging schedules
[4/16/2006 2:38 PM] <brassratgirl> or maybe if adding a field is troublesome, at least giving people a link to the sign-up page when they register
[4/16/2006 2:38 PM] <agr> some local hotels might offer group rates. I suspect August is a slow time
[4/16/2006 2:38 PM] <brassratgirl> agr: why do you suspect that? 
[4/16/2006 2:39 PM] <_sj> ok, we're getting a bit OT :-)
[4/16/2006 2:39 PM] <agr> Most schools are out, weather is hot
[4/16/2006 2:39 PM] <_sj> we need people to attend to this, however, for outings to work
[4/16/2006 2:40 PM] <ngb> OK, I'm afraid I have to say goodnight.
[4/16/2006 2:40 PM] <ngb> Depressingly enough I have to go to work tomorrow. :/
[4/16/2006 2:40 PM] * ngb waves to all, see you next time.
[4/16/2006 2:40 PM] <_sj> good night, ngb :-)
[4/16/2006 2:40 PM] <_sj> see you soon.
[4/16/2006 2:40 PM] <effeietsanders> nn
[4/16/2006 2:40 PM] <brassratgirl> night ngb :) 
[4/16/2006 2:41 PM] <_sj> jessica is good with these kinds of trips... can we discuss how best to proceed today & tomorrow, and work out how to update the site this week?
[4/16/2006 2:43 PM] <agr> Just checked Cambridge YMCA web site "The Central House is NOT available for short term stays. "
[4/16/2006 2:44 PM] <_sj> part of the trick is that groups who know they will be in town outside of the conference would genreally need to make their own arrangements...
[4/16/2006 2:45 PM] <_sj> community outreach :  we need people active on each of the projects to help here
[4/16/2006 2:45 PM] * effeietsanders notices a halt, and wonders if there somes more ;)
[4/16/2006 2:45 PM] <effeietsanders> hehe
[4/16/2006 2:46 PM] <_sj> updating banners, notices, answering questions
[4/16/2006 2:46 PM] <_sj> if you want to help with this, especially on non-wikipedia projects, or regularly edit with people who would be into that;
[4/16/2006 2:47 PM] <_sj> please sign [them] up.
[4/16/2006 2:47 PM] <_sj> this is especially important when we start looking for contest submissions
[4/16/2006 2:47 PM] <_sj> last year there was a DISMAL showing of content from all projects but Wikipedia and Commons
[4/16/2006 2:48 PM] <_sj> and we're talking about some of the greatest content-producing projects on the Web :-)
[4/16/2006 2:48 PM] <effeietsanders> maybe you should give a more clear subscription of it?
[4/16/2006 2:48 PM] <_sj> yep.
[4/16/2006 2:48 PM] <effeietsanders> (on the wiki)
[4/16/2006 2:48 PM] <_sj> ahh, this year's description isn't up yet;
[4/16/2006 2:48 PM] <effeietsanders> make some list people have to do at their wiki, and it'll be more easy
[4/16/2006 2:49 PM] =-= effeietsanders is now known as eia
[4/16/2006 2:50 PM] <_sj> yes. a good idea.
[4/16/2006 2:50 PM] <_sj> so, to the last point
[4/16/2006 2:50 PM] <_sj> on the contests themselves :-)
[4/16/2006 2:50 PM] <_sj> arno, do you think you'll be able to find other commons enthusiasts to help?
[4/16/2006 2:51 PM] <agr> gotta go
[4/16/2006 2:51 PM] <_sj> we need 3 kinds of help :  promoting the contests, and organizing the submssions / judging them
[4/16/2006 2:51 PM] <_sj> agr: later.
[4/16/2006 2:51 PM] * neuralis waves hi. sorry about being late; am sick.
[4/16/2006 2:51 PM] <_sj> yuck
[4/16/2006 2:52 PM] <_sj> too much swimming?
[4/16/2006 2:52 PM] <_sj> judging is special.
[4/16/2006 2:52 PM] <neuralis> 0 swimming, non-zero headhurting :/
[4/16/2006 2:52 PM] <_sj> if you know a good artist or art enthusiast who might want to be a final judge
[4/16/2006 2:52 PM] <_sj> that would be great.
[4/16/2006 2:52 PM] <eia> _sj: is the context ín Boston, during Boston or just untill boston?
[4/16/2006 2:52 PM] <_sj> and if you're excited about media or great writing, and can help with the preliminary judging and submission organization... it's a lot of work, but rewarding.
[4/16/2006 2:53 PM] <_sj> last year it involved about 10 hours of reviewing by each judge; with more judges this should go more smoothly (but we will have more submisisons)
[4/16/2006 2:54 PM] <_sj> eia : there are two categories : content created since the end of last wikimania (and before the deadline)
[4/16/2006 2:54 PM] <_sj> and content created at / on the way to wikimania 
[4/16/2006 2:54 PM] <Arnomane> oh was away:: i see now commons is the topic ;-)
[4/16/2006 2:54 PM] <eia> wow "media of the year" :S
[4/16/2006 2:54 PM] <_sj> ( the best for last. )  Then there are a few formats : video, audio, animation, text
[4/16/2006 2:55 PM] <eia> lóts of possible candidats
[4/16/2006 2:55 PM] <_sj> right.
[4/16/2006 2:56 PM] <Arnomane> I think the media contest should also redesign the structure of commons featured pictures and picture if the day
[4/16/2006 2:56 PM] <Arnomane> of
[4/16/2006 2:56 PM] <Arnomane> currently it is a real mess
[4/16/2006 2:56 PM] <eia> Arnomane: you have to take care you don;'t want to change too much
[4/16/2006 2:56 PM] <Arnomane> with zillions of nested templates nobody understands and it is not really sorking right now
[4/16/2006 2:57 PM] <eia> otherwise you will get an overload
[4/16/2006 2:57 PM] <_sj> if we publicize this properly, we will need a preliminary judging round, perhaps the weekend before wikimania, to get it down to a set of finalists in each category.
[4/16/2006 2:57 PM] <Arnomane> eia: yes... I myself can't do it on my own
[4/16/2006 2:57 PM] <_sj> that will take some real work (though some of that reviewing can begin well before the deadline)
[4/16/2006 2:58 PM] <_sj> and we can showcase all of the finalists at Wikimania
[4/16/2006 2:58 PM] <eia> _sj: if i have time by then, I would love to help
[4/16/2006 2:58 PM] <eia> i just don't know yet how much my "own" conf will cost :P
[4/16/2006 2:58 PM] <eia> in time
[4/16/2006 2:59 PM] <_sj> heh, understood.
[4/16/2006 2:59 PM] <_sj> so, those are the main categories atm.
[4/16/2006 2:59 PM] <eia> poetry?
[4/16/2006 2:59 PM] <_sj> eia : we didn't have one last year... there isn't much wiki poetry.
[4/16/2006 2:59 PM] <eia> you could try to involve wikipen into that
[4/16/2006 2:59 PM] <_sj> would be nice :-)
[4/16/2006 3:00 PM] <eia> wikipen has some poetry afaik
[4/16/2006 3:00 PM] <_sj> the meeting's run on for a while.  Let me make one last request  :
[4/16/2006 3:00 PM] <eia> mostly alternative and french
[4/16/2006 3:00 PM] <_sj> please talk to other people you know, and find those who might be interested in one category or another.
[4/16/2006 3:01 PM] <Arnomane> hm
[4/16/2006 3:01 PM] <_sj> if you're interested in something, you should be able to explain it well to others
[4/16/2006 3:02 PM] <Arnomane> pfdecalise (I don't get his nick proper) was thinking on making in may a commons advertising tour in every wiki
[4/16/2006 3:02 PM] <Arnomane> as in may commons will be ready with its new basic structure
[4/16/2006 3:03 PM] <_sj> (and each of these areas could use many eager hands.)
[4/16/2006 3:03 PM] <_sj> arno: ahh so
[4/16/2006 3:03 PM] <Arnomane> so we could also attract more guys and adverstising the competition
[4/16/2006 3:03 PM] <_sj> that would work nicely, yes
[4/16/2006 3:04 PM] <eia> _sj: i think wikimania needs as well twice or three times a general advertising tour with *all* the wiki's
[4/16/2006 3:04 PM] * _sj still loves http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welding
[4/16/2006 3:04 PM] <eia> also the small ones
[4/16/2006 3:05 PM] <_sj> eia: yes, *all* of them
[4/16/2006 3:05 PM] <_sj> one of these should link to a survey
[4/16/2006 3:05 PM] <_sj> we were talking about what we'd like to ask of attendees
[4/16/2006 3:05 PM] <eia> if we don't know the language, then in english, and let them translate
[4/16/2006 3:05 PM] <eia> you mean money i think?
[4/16/2006 3:06 PM] <_sj> A link to the conference, to a survey (interests, favorite themes, experience with wikipedia, how likely they could come, &c)
[4/16/2006 3:06 PM] <_sj> and to a page where they could ask questions (in any language) about the conference
[4/16/2006 3:06 PM] <_sj> There's a limit to how many people from other countries, who don't speak english, can come to wikimania
[4/16/2006 3:06 PM] <_sj> but they should be able to take part and benefit from it in some limited degree
[4/16/2006 3:07 PM] |<-- agr has left freenode ()
[4/16/2006 3:07 PM] <_sj> at the very least, to nominate contest submissions 
[4/16/2006 3:07 PM] <eia> a limit?
[4/16/2006 3:07 PM] <eia> you mean you want to include that limit, or a practical limit?
[4/16/2006 3:07 PM] <_sj> practical
[4/16/2006 3:08 PM] <eia> because i may hope that there will also be some other language-lectures?
[4/16/2006 3:08 PM] <eia> besides english?
[4/16/2006 3:08 PM] <eia> or discussiongroups
[4/16/2006 3:08 PM] <_sj> I don't know, eia.  This would be lovely.    We have no submissions in other languages yet.
[4/16/2006 3:08 PM] <_sj> discussion groups, definitely.
[4/16/2006 3:09 PM] <_sj> the online aspect of the conference should be as multilingual as possible
[4/16/2006 3:09 PM] <eia> hmmm, no other langiuage-lectures?
[4/16/2006 3:09 PM] <eia> maybe you coud ask some lecturers to do their lecture twice?
[4/16/2006 3:09 PM] <eia> one in english, and once in their own language?
[4/16/2006 3:10 PM] <eia> for a smaller group of course
[4/16/2006 3:10 PM] <brassratgirl> eia: part of it is the cfp in other languages hasn't been distributed very widely yet
[4/16/2006 3:10 PM] <brassratgirl> we should remedy this 
[4/16/2006 3:10 PM] <eia> for example delphine also speaking in french?
[4/16/2006 3:10 PM] <eia> brassratgirl: yes, i didn't see any distribution yet anyway
[4/16/2006 3:11 PM] <brassratgirl> eia: the other thing  is most of the program reviewers are english speakers :( 
[4/16/2006 3:11 PM] <_sj> and we don't say, as we did last year, that submissions can be in other languages
[4/16/2006 3:11 PM] <eia> brassratgirl: i did translate it, but heard nothing anbout it anymore
[4/16/2006 3:11 PM] <_sj> brg: that's not the concern.
[4/16/2006 3:11 PM] <_sj> getting submissions translated for the reviewers is no problem
[4/16/2006 3:11 PM] <eia> no people yelling at the village pump like: heeey, there is a CfP
[4/16/2006 3:11 PM] <brassratgirl> _sj: ok, just wanted to mention it 
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] |<-- Whop|away has left freenode (Remote closed the connection)
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] <brassratgirl> eia: I think your translation is up on the site .. 
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] <_sj> yep.   eia: having sessions in other langs in smaller rooms would be neat.
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] <eia> brassratgirl: yes, but that site is nowhere mentioned on nl.wp afaik
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] <brassratgirl> (just needs active distribution)
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] <_sj> eia: then we should fix that :-)
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] <eia> i thought that would been arrenged
[4/16/2006 3:12 PM] <_sj> part of going to every wiki...
[4/16/2006 3:13 PM] <eia> and i am afraight it is the same in other languages
[4/16/2006 3:13 PM] <eia> _sj: but for CfP we have to be sooner with going to every wiki
[4/16/2006 3:13 PM] <eia> as the deadline already is near/past
[4/16/2006 3:13 PM] <_sj> eia: yes.  in the next couple of days. 
[4/16/2006 3:14 PM] <eia> unfortunately i am pretty buizzy the coming days
[4/16/2006 3:14 PM] <_sj> along with the post of less-urgent translations for the site
[4/16/2006 3:14 PM] <eia> some workshop wiki to prepare as well
[4/16/2006 3:14 PM] <_sj> eia: that's ok.  
[4/16/2006 3:14 PM] <_sj> aph & I are planning to hit all of the wikis with a concise notice, with links to the cfp &c
[4/16/2006 3:15 PM] <_sj> though you could help yell at the cfp about it when the note is there
[4/16/2006 3:15 PM] <eia> i think you should make a nice adverticement-table, with a few links, with the request, well, put this in your own language
[4/16/2006 3:15 PM] <_sj> yes.
[4/16/2006 3:15 PM] <eia> but just drop it in their village pumps
[4/16/2006 3:15 PM] * _sj remembers the user page that was translated into a dozen languages this way
[4/16/2006 3:15 PM] <eia> if nessecarily in english
[4/16/2006 3:16 PM] <eia> there is always sómebody who speaks english :)
[4/16/2006 3:16 PM] <_sj> almost always.
[4/16/2006 3:17 PM] <_sj> always someone who speaks a core language
[4/16/2006 3:17 PM] <eia> indeed
[4/16/2006 3:19 PM] <eia> have we had now everything?
[4/16/2006 3:19 PM] <_sj> other contests : a tool and visualization contest...
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <_sj> these have to have someone show interest in them to make them happen.
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <_sj> listed under 'contests' to note that the suggestions have been made.
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <_sj> and that's everything atm.
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <eia> ok :)
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <_sj> eia: other than the contests,
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <_sj> (and helping with translation, thanks!)
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <eia> btw, did i tell you already that Wikimedia Conference Nederlands is on sept. 2nd?
[4/16/2006 3:20 PM] <_sj> is there anything else you were interested in?
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <_sj> yep
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <eia> interested in soo much :)
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <_sj> heh
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <eia> but i am stuck with my time
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <eia> i am mostly watching here to look how you do it
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <_sj> right.   
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <_sj> thanks for the input.
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <eia> and learn from it
[4/16/2006 3:21 PM] <eia> no problem
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <eia> and if you need someone, just ping me :)
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <eia> i'll see if i can help
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <_sj> be careful to pick up the good habits and not the bad ones :-)
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <_sj> super.
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <eia> :)
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <_sj> ok, must go myself
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <_sj> 'night.
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <_sj> brg, neuralis : ciao.
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <eia> nn
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <brassratgirl> 'night 
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <_sj> (neuralis : I tossed in the 'tool contest' in part for you)
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <brassratgirl> meeting minutes are here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimania_2006/Planning/2006-04-16
[4/16/2006 3:22 PM] <_sj> oscar : and the art/visualization contest you might be interested in.
[4/16/2006 3:23 PM] <brassratgirl> (will be linked from the meetings page soon) 
[4/16/2006 3:23 PM] <eia> _sj: a big problem is that other people also found out that the good people are good
[4/16/2006 3:24 PM] <eia> and they make their time getting full ;)
[4/16/2006 3:24 PM] <_sj> of course :)