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See also Wikimania 2006/Program discussion.

Sending invitations[edit source]

Before sending the CfP/inviting one of the people below (per program team discussion), add their name under Wikimania_2006/Distribution_lists#Personal_invitations and follow the instructions on that page to indicate you are contacting / have contacted them.

Themes[edit source]

Technical infrastructure[edit source]

MediaWiki development & Wikimedia server admininstration

  • Brion Vibber
  • Tim Starling
  • (JeLuf, Domas, Erik Z, JeLuf, Kate, Eloquence, Magnus, more...)

Wiki and helper-software development

  • A panel of devs : Confluence, JotSpot, MediaWiki, Socialtext core devs
    Other wiki engines (XWiki? &c)
  • Wikipedia & MediaWiki helper-tools: ideas from Interiot, Kate, Vandal-fighters...
  • Fernanda Viegas / Martin Wattenberg from IBM, created a visualization of Wikipedia over time called History Flow. (submitting a paper or two)

Usability, interface design

  • MediaWiki defaults
  • Wikipedia: Main Page, other portals (de: project, &c) [see also projects & content]
  • Search : wikipedia, wikia, other wikis & platforms (a tutorial?)

Scalability, distribution of load:

  • Brad Fitzpatrick, livejournal (2/4 program meeting)
  • Facebook devs (workshop?) (2/4 program meeting)
  • Beowulf clustering : key Linux developer (network drivers and such) and CEO of Scyld Computing.

Archiving infrastructure

  • founder of the Internet Archive, Open Library projects**
  • Archiving : BBS/text archiving, has BBS documentary that could be shown, from Mass. (Wikimania talk)

Web pioneers

Semantic Web

  • Tim B-L
  • Ontowiki
  • Many, many others (submissions)

Tech stars from other fields

  • Google : Brin &/or Page; Digitization: a G-Print presenter; Machine translation: Franz Och, G-trans hacker
  • Cal Henderson from Flickr [1]
  • Linus Torvalds
  • D-Space hackers (MIT)

What it all means

  • , Author of 'Linux for Dummies' - Amongst other benefits, Jon lives about 50 miles from Boston.
  • Joi Ito
  • Tariq Krim


  • Access control, authentication
  • Other spam protection

Wikimedia projects and content[edit source]

Project foundations

  • Jimbo, opening remarks
  • A board session
  • Someone who opposes the wiki-principle (to hear another sound once as well) -- a critics panel.
  • Professional encyclopedia editors: Jorge Cauz, president of britannica. on mailing list, Jorge Caus of Britannica, also [one from Brockhaus, Columbia, Universalis, ??], Jean-Noel Jeannenet
  • Community bodies: Arbcom panel (already proposed; see submission)

Creators (people, projects)

  • Wikimedia Project panel: Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikinews
  • Wiki[p]edia language panel: 6 major language groups; on the state of wikis in those groups
  • Cousin projects? Wikicities, Wikitravel, Memorywiki (Marshall Poe), Rev. Moon, other serious wikis? See also the encyclopedia panel, above. Uncyclopedia?

Future of the projects

  • Anthere
  • Soufron
  • see also opening remarks
  • Statistical overview & visualizations (presentation, not techniques)


  • WP1.0, Wikipress
  • Wikijunior, someone to speak to this from outside

News and current events

  • Dan Gillmor on the impact on traditional MSM and freelance producers
  • Luc Bronner, great reporter at Le Monde
  • Florent Latrive, reporter at Libération and author of "du bon usage de la piraterie"/"some good uses of piracy"


New project ideas

  • Wikiversity: panel with online educators? Eve Andersson
  • Wikipeople: panel of current attemptors, on- and off-wiki
  • Droit.org and Wikilab, two ways to use wiki technologies in order to improve democracy : Jean Sallantin

Quality concerns, editorial

  • Measures of quality and coverage
  • Verification and quality control
    Citation projects and methods
    Incorporation of third-party reviews

Wikimedia in the developing world

  • Cell-phone and other tech projects (see also tech, access tracks)
  • General outreach to individuals, schools, governments
  • Starting up a new project.
  • The Mobiled project, trying to allow every african cellphone to give a free access to wikipedia. Soufron/Danny/Anthere/Angela

Usability, interface design

  • Wikipedia: Main Page, other portals (de: project, &c) [see also tech]


  • Jan-Bart de Vreede from Kennisnet.
  • Michel Rocard, French Representative

Free knowledge and access to information[edit source]

  • Jean-Marie Tremblay ? (or another theme.)


  • James Billington, Librarian of Congress. To speak on the World Digital Library would be cool. Even someone to speak on other LoC matters might be interesting. -- user:zanimum
    Or another speaker from a branch of the LOC.
  • , others will be in attendance. Interested audience.
  • founder of the Internet Archive, Open Library projects brassratgirl
  • Jean-Noel Jeannennet, Head of the French National Library
  • someone from the California Digital Library
  • Stéphane Cottin, Chief Librarian at the French Constitutionnal Court

Intellectual commons, philosophy

  • Philippe Aigrain Intellectual property/commons author, at Society for Public Information Spaces in Paris
  • , great speaker, is writing a book on knowledge mgmt called Everything is Miscellaneous.. **
  • Dan Gillmor [2]**
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Sebastien Paquet (blog)
  • Paula Le Dieu, Director of Creative Commons International, and previously of the BBC's Creative Archive
  • Soufron

Journals and science

Governments and int'l orgs

Digitization projects

  • Someone for Google Print. Angela has contact details for Jens Redmer, the director of Google Book Search Europe
  • Droit.org that is digitizing every domain public legal books in France and in Europe : Jules Vo-Dihn

Distribution/Printing/Wireless projects

  • Wizzy.za (South African project; try once again)
  • Internet Living Swahili Learning Center (Kwesi), et al. Panel on techniques and audiences?
  • see also Projects and Content, Tech themes

Wiki social science[edit source]

Social networks, memes and interfaces

  • Christophe Prieur and/or Dominique Cardon, CNRS director of research, specialized on the study of social networks in telecommunications
  • Danah Boyd (see also: [4])
  • Rebecca Blood
  • writer on social/economic aspects of Internet tech, NYU prof [5]
  • social aspects of Internet, prof at MIT (Wikimania talk)
  • , said to be a great speaker, is writing a book on knowledge mgt called Everything is Miscellaneous..
  • Jay Rosen, NYU journalism prof

Other researchers

  • Barry Wellman sociologist at U. of Toronto
  • Sara Kiesler, CMU [6]
  • Eric Von Hippel
  • Serge Proulx
  • Jenny Preece
  • Marshall Poe / memorywiki.
  • Marc Smith, Microsoft [7]
  • Steven Pinker (2/4 program meeting)
    special needs: body armor
  • Danièle Bourcier, Director of Research CERSA-CNRS, Paris


  • Fernanda Viegas (history flow, Mk II)
  • Visualization research panel

Social science and Business

Social science and tech -- better for Tech?

Law and Policy[edit source]

  • free software supporter, Stanford Law prof (Wikimania talk)
  • representative from free culture (poster)
  • Someone from EFF (besides Lessig and Kahle, that is)
  • Someone from Audionautes in Europe for judicial activism

Wikipedia policies

  • Wikipedia policies -- the use and future of policy on wiki projects (panel? debate? pillowfight?)
  • Scalability and policies
  • Userboxes discussion -- BOF?
  • See also : Nicholas_T on mediation and policies, ...

Law and Digital communities

  • James Grimmelmann
  • Yochai Benkler, Yale Law
  • Jonathan Zittrain, the [growing] generativity of the commons
  • Soufron, CERSA-CNRS
  • Till Mag, FSF-Europe


  • Michel Rocard, European representative
  • Vivianne Redding, European Commissionner, or Jesus Villasante
  • Some good brazilian speaker
  • Some good US politician (a representative or a senator would be great)


  • Daniele Bourcier

(other potential panelists : Terry Fisher, ...)

Art projects, displays[edit source]

  • Visualization poster display (long)
  • Live interactive visualziations : globe? history flow? vandal fighters; an international version of the same; &c.
  • RaDMan, computer artist, from California (Wikimania talk)
  • has BBS/text archiving documentary that could be shown, from Mass. (Wikimania talk)

Tutorials / Workshops[edit source]


  • researching and creating new content
  • fact and reference checking
  • editing and updating
  • translation and synchronization across projects
  • starting a new wikimedia Project


  • outreach presentations
  • getting involved with tech/library/other events
  • starting new-language projects


  • figuring out wiki[p]edia policies

Use of the content

  • Researching with Wiki[p]edia
  • Reuse and the GFDL

Use of tools

  • Creating SVG illustrations with Inkscape Gmaxwell
  • A Photo/Video Commons Workshop (vloggers : Steve Garfield, nevlog)
  • Introduction to a Linux as a Free desktop enviroment (yea, it's not a linux conference but a lot of Wikipedians end up interested in Linux and I often find myself helping people get started with it in IRC). Gmaxwell
  • audio recording tutorial (eg. for spoken Wikipedia articles) (all from Wikimania talk)

Specifical tools for use with Wikimedia

  • Editing Wikipedia with EMACS (spelling and syntax highlighting oh my!) Gmaxwell
  • Editing Wikipedia with jedit?

Research and Development

  • Research on Wikimedia project development. (social science, statistics about the projects) "ad hoc brainstorm / meeting with all involved last Wikimania but it never happened - it would be good if we sceduled something this time...
  • R & D related to Wikimedia interfaces, MediaWiki

Copyright and Legal aspects of being a wikipedian

  • tons of stuff and people :-)

Key: **- invited last year

Other[edit source]

Accessibility and Content/Format Seperation[edit source]

  • As reader-base grows, proportional disenfranchisment rises. What can we do to minimise this and make the content and services of wikimedia more accessible to special interest groups (replace with better term)?
  • People who use wikimedia corpus content are locked into the mediawiki presentation format. What can be done to free the content for external format and editorial regurgitation? How does this affect licencing obligations?
  • Can we untie ourselves from the article container system so that sections and subsections can be freely collated and resources pertaining to various categorising/tagging criteria be grouped and "dug/mined"?

Other presentations[edit source]

  • ...

Possible speakers, advisors for tracks[edit source]

Outside keynote ideas:

  • lists from other conferences, potential names to mine: :[8], [9], [10]