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  • Dustin (2 couches for crashing, 7 min walking distance from the yard).
  • Sj+ (can put up 2-3 visitors)
  • Tobacman (Couch space for 3. Languages: es/id)
  • Angela
  • Bennington Purcell - Excited! (could put up someone or maybe two, college apartment)
  • Mindspillage
  • Gmaxwell
  • Paul August (Guest room for 2)
  • BCorr|Брайен Woo-HOO!
  • Kyle - I would never miss it! hopefully we can get relatively similar gear as last time for streaming too!
  • , 2hr drive from Maine but I assure you I will be there (any Mainiacs south of Lewiston I can give you a lift.)

can't* - I am not missing it, especially when it's so close to me.

  • - Chinatown bus from NY?
  • Daniel Mayer (aka mav) ; not sure if I'll fly or drive, but if I drive from Atlanta, then I'll be able to bring 2 people.
  • - I have a guest room and live about 20 miles away
  • Paul Youlten and Rosa Blaus from Yellowikis.
  • K1v1n
  • - I will be working nearby in August, am willing to help out.
  • Improv coming from Pittsburgh. If anyone is going my way, that'd be cool, otherwise will Greyhound/Amtrak it. Unsure where I'll be staying.
  • Robhoitt Rob, N1FSK - I live in Southern, NH so I'd be crazy to miss it! I may be able to lend a ride down for someone who'd need it. I am also willing to help out in any way needed.
  • Luke Stodola
  • Would not miss it for all the tea in China. Raul654 08:22, 24 February 2006 (UTC)
  • Raines Cohen will be in town for a family wedding, delighted to join in.
  • 99% definitely Andicat (andrea)
  • - Defintely going to attend. Bringing a friend, too!
  • I'm definitely going
  • - Will be there with the Wikia crew, and presenting
  • - Interested in Uplift Academy use of Wikimedia see Earlier Boston Workshop
  • Laura Scudder - Would most likely drive via Pittsburgh. Might have room for 2-3 other people.
  • 99% sure so call it definitely. Probably flying.
  • Skovorodkin almost definitely. Will be coming from New Haven, CT.
  • Vivek (wikipedia page) Definitely attending. Local, shall commute from Chelmsford, MA. Could provide rides roughly along this route on Sat/Sun.
  • CBDunkerson Will be driving up from NJ through CT and MA and could give a lift along roughly this route. Current plan is to drive up the afternoon of 8/3 and back the morning of 8/7.
  • Cohesion definitely, will be fun :)
  • Llywrch - I've bought the plane ticket (from Portland, OR) & paid for the conference.
  • RobLa - same as llywrch, except s/Portland, OR/Seattle, WA/
  • Eloquence
  • takot - 99% definitely, already registered, from jp. Finally I reserved flights.