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Participantes e Viagem

Participantes[edit source]

Por favor, liste-se abaixo se você planeja (ou gostaria) de participar da Wikimania 2006.

Convites e vistos

  • Se você precisa de um convite para participar da Wikimania 2006, ou precisa de ajuda para conseguir visto, faça uma anotação abaixo. Assim que começarem as inscrições, haverá um endereço de e-mail para onde você poderá escrever tais requisições.

Outras informações para anotar

  • Se você vem de carro e quer compartilhá-lo, escreva de onde vem e qual rota pretende tomar.
  • Se quiser dividir uma locação de carro, escreva de onde vem.
  • Se você mora perto de Cambridge e pode hospedar participantes, escreva isso e quais idiomas a sua família fala.
  • Como serão 3 dias de conferência propriamente dita e 3 dia de hackfest para desenvolvedores, escreva hacking se quiser participar da segunda, e hacking[ only], se for participar apenas dessa.

Com certeza[edit source]

Definitely[edit source]


  • Dustin (2 couches for crashing, 7 min walking distance from the yard).
  • Sj+ (can put up 2-3 visitors)
  • Tobacman (Couch space for 3. Languages: es/id)
  • Angela
  • Bennington Purcell - Excited! (could put up someone or maybe two, college apartment)
  • Mindspillage
  • Gmaxwell
  • Paul August (Guest room for 2)
  • BCorr|Брайен Woo-HOO'!'
  • Kyle - I would never miss it! hopefully we can get relatively similar gear as last time for streaming too!
  • , 2hr drive from Maine but I assure you I will be there (any Mainiacs south of Lewiston I can give you a lift.)

can't* - I am not missing it, especially when it's so close to me.

  • - Chinatown bus from NY?
  • Daniel Mayer (aka mav) ; not sure if I'll fly or drive, but if I drive from Atlanta, then I'll be able to bring 2 people.
  • - I have a guest room and live about 20 miles away
  • Paul Youlten and Rosa Blaus from Yellowikis.
  • K1v1n
  • - I will be working nearby in August, am willing to help out.
  • Improv coming from Pittsburgh. If anyone is going my way, that'd be cool, otherwise will Greyhound/Amtrak it. Unsure where I'll be staying.
  • Robhoitt Rob, N1FSK - I live in Southern, NH so I'd be crazy to miss it! I may be able to lend a ride down for someone who'd need it. I am also willing to help out in any way needed.
  • Luke Stodola
  • Would not miss it for all the tea in China. Raul654 08:22, 24 February 2006 (UTC)
  • Raines Cohen will be in town for a family wedding, delighted to join in.
  • 99% definitely Andicat (andrea)
  • - Defintely going to attend. Bringing a friend, too!
  • I'm definitely going
  • - Will be there with the Wikia crew, and presenting
  • - Interested in Uplift Academy use of Wikimedia see Earlier Boston Workshop
  • Laura Scudder - Would most likely drive via Pittsburgh. Might have room for 2-3 other people.
  • 99% sure so call it definitely. Probably flying.
  • Skovorodkin almost definitely. Will be coming from New Haven, CT.
  • Vivek (wikipedia page) Definitely attending. Local, shall commute from Chelmsford, MA. Could provide rides roughly along this route on Sat/Sun.
  • CBDunkerson Will be driving up from NJ through CT and MA and could give a lift along roughly this route. Current plan is to drive up the afternoon of 8/3 and back the morning of 8/7.
  • Cohesion definitely, will be fun :)
  • Llywrch - I've bought the plane ticket (from Portland, OR) & paid for the conference.
  • RobLa - same as llywrch, except s/Portland, OR/Seattle, WA/
  • Eloquence
  • takot - 99% definitely, already registered, from jp. Finally I reserved flights.

Talvez[edit source]

Maybe[edit source]


  • Theo (probably, subject to business demands)
  • brian0918 (if I'm still alive and in general working condition, probably)
  • Thryduulf (subject to being able to get the time off work, will know when the dates are announced. Will by flying from UK)
  • Wikipedius subject to work schedules, (but i'll strive to be there!!!)
  • dlkereluk(subject to work schedules and the availability of registration applications; I can switch shifts to attend if I can register in advance)
  • jredmond (subject to work schedules)
  • Kingboyk (see below)
  • Chuck SMITH (almost definitely, flying from Germany)
  • User:JDunck (maybe, depends on both cost and job.)
  • Hinotori (very probably; barring unforeseeable events)
  • Lightdarkness (Finalizing plans with local relatives)
  • Andylandandrew(Seriously considering, live in NJ, able to drive there)
  • Schzmo (live about 40 min away, depends on whether I will be busy that day)
  • TML1988 (I'm only 17 at this time, and while my parents will be on a business trip during this time period, they may or may not want me to participate in this kind of activity. If I do decide to go, however, I'll most likely take Amtrak/Acela from NYC.)
  • Phaedriel (Pretty good chance I'll drop by - depends on many factors (work & distance mostly) and not all of them subject to my will, so I'll keep you updated)
  • --Bennyp77 00:20, 26 June 2006 (UTC) The date may be a problem but I might be able to weasel out of my arrangement and catch a Greyhound... :)

Outros[edit source]

Se você não poderá vir por causa dos custos, ou por conflito de data, escreva "(cost)" ou "(conflict [dates])" abaixo.

Other[edit source]

If you won't be able to come because of expense, or have a probable conflict, you can note "(cost)" or "(conflict [dates])" below; this gives us a sense of how many people might benefit from scholarships if they become available.


  • Well, first of all, cost is an issue. Then, as you know, I am 16, so I'd have to have parental permission (though depending on the specific date, I may be 17 by then). However, I might be able to find a cheap airfare (US$100 roundtrip is a bit too low to expect though... not that I don't have more money, but rather that I don't have $200 or $300 to spend on travel expenses.) Then, there is the lodging issue. I really don't think my mother would be comfortable with me crashing at somebody's place if I'd never met them (though she'd not nessecarily have to know...), and hotels are obviously expensive. If I were able to get to Boston, though, travel around the city wouldn't be an issue because I can drive (for a while now, with lots of experience). --Node ue 03:10, 3 November 2005 (UTC)
  • Waerth 06:58, 16 December 2005 (UTC) - Cost
  • Definitely interested, but being a student from the UK cost is an issue. --Kingboyk 18:30, 18 December 2005 (UTC)
  • Datrio 18:46, 18 January 2006 (UTC) - Cost, but maybe I'll manage
  • Effeietsanders 10:23, 14 March 2006 (UTC) - Cost , but i hope to find some way.

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