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Program Committee Names and Affiliations[edit source]

  • Angela Beesley - Wikia, Inc. / Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
  • Nicholas Boalch - University of Durham
  • Andrea Forte - Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ivan Krstic - Harvard University
  • Cormac Lawler - University of Manchester
  • Joseph Reagle - New York University
  • Martin Roell - Unaffiliated
  • Alex Schenck - University of Rhode Island

Working List of members[edit source]

Please add yourself if you want to participate in organizing the program. Members of the program team are encouraged to help organize a theme. If you are interested in being involved with program submissions, please note which themes interest you. Each person will ideally be involved with at most one theme (which is a great deal of work in itself).

Note! if you add yourself to this list, pls do me a favor and send me your email address -- brassratgirl at gmail dot com. Thus when I send email to reviewers only it will be easy and painless. Thanks! Brassratgirl 22:09, 19 February 2006 (UTC)

Wikimedia projects and content theme
Nick Boalch wherever I can be of assistance
Technical infrastructure theme
Dirk Riehle
Vivek (wherever I can be of assistance)
Free knowledge and access to information theme
Soufron, because I am a member of the board of the French Legal Librarians Association
David Moreno Garza, if needed.
Nick Boalch
Martin Walker if needed.
Vivek (wherever I can be of assistance)
Wiki Social Science theme
Andicat is happy to be a reviewer if needed
Martinroell would like to help in reviewing
Law and Policy theme
Sasha, if needed
Miscellaneous theme (for assessing entries which don't clearly fall into the above)
Amgine Whereever and however I can be helpful.
Nick Boalch
Vivek (wherever I can be of assistance)
Art & Media theme (for assessing artistic submissions, and organizing the multimedia contest)
Nick Boalch
Hacking Days (adjunct, not a conference theme, cf. Technical Infrastructure theme)
Ivan (krstic -AT- fas.harvard.edu) has taken on coordinating hacking days, and is inviting a selection of short talks.

tech infrastructure interest, above; and also:

David Moreno Garza
Vivek (wherever I can be of assistance)

Meetings[edit source]

  • January 29, 23:59, #wikimania (minutes)
  • February 4, 22:00 UTC, #wikimania (minutes)
  • February 16, 22:30 UTC, #wikimania, (minutes)

Older thoughts on the program team[edit source]

  • Program lead. Keeps program meetings on schedule, watches overall program calendar & deadlines. Final arbiter of theme/track disagreements.
  • Program secretary. Keeps track of where the lateset version of all documents, tickets, and collateral are; both internal docs and those sent out to the rest of the world.
  • Other program team members will be divided among 5-8 themes, with one program team member in charge of each theme.
  • Volunteer horde : readers. 30-50 of them, depending on expected volume; each with 1-2 tracks. Ask them to specify which tracks interest them (briefly noting experience as well); then allocate accordingly.
    Alternate allocation method: have people express interest in specific papers. This is how Continue does things... seems a bit over-detailed to me.

Reviewing papers: If we're going to have tracks in the conference schedule, and not just conceptually, it makes sense for an entire track to be reviewed at once. If, on the other hand, we want the 50 'best' presentations, regardless of topic, by some topic-free & balance-independent notion of 'best', this might not be the right way to do things.