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This page is for collating and discussing various locations and venues in Romanian which could be used for Wikimania 2006 - see Wikimania 2006/Planning. Note: This is not an official bid, yet. :-)

Potential locations[edit source]

Please use this as a general template

  • Venue:
    • Main theatre-style (size):
    • Other theatre-style:
    • Breakout rooms:
  • Technical facilities
    • On-site (AV, etc):
      • Wifi Networked? additional costs?
  • Brief description (why?):
  • Transport:
    • Distance from international airport:
    • Distance from mainline station(s):
  • Accommodation
    • On-site/off-site/overflow/multiple price ranges:
    • Networked? additional costs?
  • Costs
    • Day rate:
    • Estimated, actual and forward guarantees:
  • Pros:
  • Cons:
  • Comments:
  • Major hurdles:
  • Contact: