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This was a draft main page for Wikimania 2006 wiki. This kind of content would be best suited for a community portal on the site; perhaps develop the draft further in this direction.
Wikimania 2006

About Wikimania

Welcome to the Wikimania 2006 website! If this is your first time here, you may wish to take the full tour of the site, or to sign up for updates by email. The site is currently under construction; please leave feedback and layout/content suggestions on our feedback page. To help with copyediting or translation of content you see here, sign up on meta.

Wikimania 2006
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August 4

Start of Wikimania 2006 Conference
Schedule to be determined

August 5

Schedule to be determined

August 6

Schedule to be determined
News and Highlights
Project of the week

The current project of the week is laying out a main page for the wikimania site.

- There is still open discussion about how to design the information flow on the site.
- Subtasks include : designing key templates; drafting core timelines and putting easyTimeline to good use; archiving last year's site content; starting a proper category system; preparing for on-site proceedings
- Future weekly projects may include: training reviewers; registration announcements; contest promotion; project and language outreach.
Discussions across the web

NB: These portals likely should be developed on meta, and simply linked to from the 'mania site, unless we can think of a way to actively direct people's discussion and brainstorming along lines that could be integrated into Wikimania events.

Popular discussions

Quality and fact-checkingOpenness and elitismGlobal immigration policies
more examples; some may be better placed in one of the portals below: Academic collaboration • Collaborative education • Mediawiki manuals and guidance • Wikipedia outreach and training

Research portal

Wiki research and development • Free content research • Analysis of content • Analysis of communities
Other specific discussions related to speakers/presentations/workshops/BOFs, as they appear

Community affairs

Community cross-pollination and best practices • Policy sharingLanguage barriers and translation
Remote participation
  • Text transcripts and archives
  • Audio and video streaming, recordings
  • IRC and wiki participation
  • voice-conferencing (Skype, &c), videoconferencing (iChat, &c)
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Simultaneous and satellite events

See also:

Past discussions

Ongoing research and project portals

  • Project and research lists on meta
  • Related lists (presentations • events)
  • Overview pages for each project (news • projects)
  • Links to search-results for key terms