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2019:Community Village

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This year’s Wikimania Community Village will look a bit different than the years before. We would like to move on from the previous year’s “fair-style booths”, and offer different alternatives to present your work, to get to know each other, and to hang out.

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The way along is this building (Allhuset) will be used by many participants to reach one of the two main buildings: Aula Magna and Södra huset. Along this way we want to hang the posters and create an "Organizational gallery"!

Wikimedia affiliates (Wikimedia chapters, thematic organizations, user groups) are an important element of the Wikimedia movement. We would like to give them the space to present their work via an “organizational gallery” that will connect the different conference buildings Södra Huset, Allhuset and Aula Magna.

Please note: There are two different poster processes: The first one, led by María Cruz (WMF), which is focusing on projects and initiatives, and this one, focusing on organizations and groups.

If you are part of a Wikimedia affiliate, you can submit a poster that will be printed for you and displayed in the organizational gallery. If you are interested in submitting, please follow the instructions below.

  • Your poster must be submitted as a pdf file to cornelius.kibelka@wikimedia.de
  • It will be printed in A2, please provide your file in a printable resolution.
  • It can be either in landscape or in portrait, that's up to you.
  • It should cover the following points, as a minimum:
    • What has your Wikimedia affiliate done in the last 6 months? What are you looking ahead?
    • Most important lesson learnt or achievement in 2018-19?
    • One group photo (We would like to show that the Wikimedia movement is much bigger than just the audience at Wikimania!)
    • Contact details (a Facebook page, a homepage, a Meta link, what you prefer)
  • Final sharp deadline (no exceptions): August 9, 24:00 CEST.

You don’t have much time to design a poster? Then submit the minimal version by filling out this template!

Who’s here? cards

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That's how the Who's here? cards will look like. You will get an e-mail with further instructions!

Especially for newcomers, Wikimania is an overwhelming event: So many participants, so many talks to choose, how do I get to know people? We would like to introduce an easy, light-way to get to know people.

We will contact everyone who has bought a ticket via Eventbrite, and will send you a form. In the form, we will ask for a photo and only a couple of questions: Your name, what you would like to learn, and how to contact you online (via your preferred way). Beyond that, we will ask for your main interest at Wikimania and you can choose from the 20 thematic spaces offered.

We will print all cards submitted by August 9, 24:00 CEST.

We will hang these cards – sorted by your main interest – in the Aula Magna building, close to the registration. Over the three days you will be able to easily see who’s attending Wikimania and maybe get in contact with them.

Of course, your participation is totally voluntarily. But let’s try something new and enable newcomers to get to know you easier and find someone with the same interest!

Find a spot to hang out!

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At the university campus, there are many spaces and spots to hang out. Make use of them! We will provide you with a map indicating all spots.

The university campus is a wonderful, green space with many small corners where you can hang out, meet others, or just relax. We would like to motivate you to use these spots and gather there with others, if you like. In the end, this event is about meeting others and use the in-person time as best as possible.

We will provide a map showing all benches and meeting-stops. To be able to meet others there, we named all of them – with names of female nobel prize winners. So, wanna hang out at the Elfriede Jelinek table?

Beyond that: The Södra huset building, where most workshop sessions take place, has a huge corridor with a lot of tables with benches. This is a perfect networking area!

You’re missing the booths?

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We heard you! We would like to move away from the booths of the previous years, but still offer some WMF teams and others to have a table where they can be approached.

If you are interested in having such a table please contact Cornelius & Joël (jletang@wikimedia.org) as quickly as possible and we will see what we can do.

Any questions left?

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Drop Cornelius, staff member of Wikimedia Deutschland and this year’s Community Village host, a line! Ideally via cornelius.kibelka@wikimedia.de