2019:Health/Cochrane Wikipedia Update

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Cochrane has been working with WikiProject Medicine since 2014 to help improve the quality of evidence shared within health-related Wikipedia articles.

Cochrane employs a part-time Wikipedian in Residence (Wikipedia Consultant, user: JenOttawa), and recruits Cochrane community volunteers to improve Wikipedia articles with high-quality evidence that meets WP:MEDRS, including relevant evidence published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

The purpose of this presentation will be to:

  1. Share our approach to improving existing English Wikipedia articles with new Cochrane evidence, maintain the Cochrane evidence that is presently being shared on English Wikipedia, and improve medical articles in other language Wikipedias including French and Spanish Wikipedia.
  2. Collaborate with the Wikipedia community in order to work towards our common goal of ensuring that information shared on Wikipedia is of high quality, unbiased, and is up to date.

Please see The Cochrane-Wikipedia Project page for more information, training resources, and project descriptions.