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2019:Health/Wikipedian in Residence working with Health Technology Assessments

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The Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services (SBU) is one of the worlds oldest agencies to produce 'Health Technology Assessments' (HTAs) which evaluate health interventions through a broad review summarizing evidence of effect, safety, cost and ethics. SBU has been working with a Wikipedian in Residence since since 2016 to improve evidence quality in articles on health and social services on the Swedish and English Wikipedias.

As a government agency geared at HTAs, SBU has a strong focus on evidence, and its publications represent some of the most comprehensive reviews available in the Swedish language. CFCF has been a part-time Wikipedian in Residence and has worked with spreading findings from SBUs publications. This talk will explore individual lessons learned from championing use of best evidence on Wikipedia and lessons learned from collaborating with a government agency in Sweden.

The purpose of this presentation will be to discuss approach used:

  • Together with SBU in sharing evidence on Wikipedia
  • In getting subject matter experts involved in editing
  • In getting Wikipedia communities involved in searching for the best possible evidence.