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2019:Meetups/Autistic meetup

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This meetup is for everyone who is both autistic (from all parts of the spectrum) and Wikimedian to share about our experiences on the Wikimedia projects. Allistic/neurotypical (non-autistic) and questioning people (who may be on the spectrum but are not sure) and people interested in listening to our experiences are also welcome.

A survey on the Dutch Wikipedia showed that at least 13% of the Dutch-speaking Wikipedians were autistic. You're not alone!

  • Location: Room Ray, hotel Clarion Amarante, Kungsholmsgatan 31 (5 min walk from the City Hall)
  • Day and time: Friday 16th July, 21:00-22:00

Indicative schedule

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  • Short individual presentations
  • Free discussion

Examples of topics:

  • our experiences as autistic Wikimedians, both online and offline activities,
  • how to make the Wikimedian events/community more inclusive for autistic people
  • specific topics of interest on the Wikimedia projects
  • ...

Important information

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  • You are not obliged to communicate with anyone or participate in any way. Feel free to come as you are :)
  • You do not have any obligation to communicate your diagnosis nor tell anyone if you are autistic or not. This is both personal information and your personal choice. Please indicate if you are not "out" (publicly known as autistic) if you do not want other wikimedians to know you are autistic.
  • Making eye-contact is not a requirement for participation :)
  • you are absolutely free to stim :)
  • If you have any specific need, use the talk page :)

Basic rules

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  • See the Friendly space policy and know the code of conduct before you attend.
  • Do not be intrusive by asking for personal information. Respect the privacy of those who request it.
  • Do not monopolize the talk (specially if you're not autistic ;) )
  • Consider that women, AFAB (assigned female at birth) persons, and people of color are under-diagnosed and often see themselves as less legitimate to speak up. Therefore please let them have priority in talking :) Also, please try to avoid gender biases such as manterrupting.


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