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2019:Meetups/New Sister Projects

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The New Sister Projects Meetup is a gathering together of Wikimedians interested in experimenting with proposals for new sister projects.

There has been no new sister project since 2012!

Let's talk about ways to make a more agile process where it is much easier to start small new projects to see if they work out, and maybe also to merge old projects if they do not work out.

One such proposal is Wikispore, which involves a Community Wishlist-style contest, but existing proposals like Wikimedia genealogy project, as well as all subject-based and general ideas will be considered.

Technical input from small wiki founders/administrators and MediaWiki developers/installers will also be more than welcome!

Since this conflicts with other important meetups, we will be glad to schedule a follow-up session later at Wikimania if there is interest.

Meetup[edit | edit source]

  • Friday, 16 August, 12:00 – 13:00 (12:00 - 1:00 pm) Central European Summer Time - meet at lunchtime in Lessing (D499)

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction of each others' sister project proposal experiences and ideas
  • Supporting small ideas experimentally
  • Merging/archiving failed sister projects
  • Community Wishlist-style annual contest
  • How to take the final step on consensus for launching new sister projects
  • Wikibase and Wikidata integration
  • Setting up test wikis / wmflabs
  • Multilingual aspects
  • Possible future collaborations
  • You may add agenda topics here
  • You may add agenda topics here
  • You may add agenda topics here

Interested Participants[edit | edit source]