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2019:Related activities/Culture Crawl/Gamla stan

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Proposal for the Old Town afternoon edit-a-thon[edit | edit source]

Edits can be done in all of the Wikimedia projects! This edit-a-thon is a part of the FindingGLAMs project there we are collecting data, information and media from Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums around the world.

Wikidata Website Map Things to work with in the Wikimedia projects
Q1968711 Nobel Prize Museum OSM
  • Work with the new name Nobel Prize Museum in the Wikimedia projects.
  • Translate description of the museum on Wikidata
Q1133075 Storkyrkan OSM
  • The articles in different languages can be filled with more text and images.
Q750444 The Royal Palace OSM
  • Can the description in Wikidata translate to some more languages during the Edit-a-thon?
Q1632115 Museum of Medieval Stockholm OSM
  • This articles need more images and can be translated into several languages
Q926316 Kungsträdgården OSM
  • Work with the main statues in Kungsträdgården.
Q842858 Nationalmuseum OSM