2019:Research/Characterizing Reader Behavior on Wikipedia

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Abstract[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia Research has undertaken a number of projects over the past year related to readers and their behavior on Wikipedia. This presentation will focus on a series of surveys across several language communities that asked readers about their motivation for reading Wikipedia as well as several demographics questions. These surveys inform our understanding of what communities are being reached by Wikipedia and whether the experience of readers from underrepresented communities is substantially different from that of communities better represented in the editor population. While the high-level results regarding the demographics of readers in different language communities will be the main focus, data on how these results relate to behavior -- e.g., switching languages, types of articles being read, length of reading session -- will also be discussed.

Authors[edit | edit source]

Isaac Johnson (WMF), Florian Lemmerich (RWTH Aachen), Diego Saez (WMF), Markus Strohmaier (RWTH Aachen), Bob West (EPFL), Leila Zia (WMF)

Relevance to Wikimedia Community[edit | edit source]

These projects deal directly with Wikipedia. By running these studies concurrently in multiple languages as well, they also provide broader insights into cultural differences in consumption of open knowledge.

Session type[edit | edit source]

22-min presentation.

Participants [subscribe here!][edit | edit source]

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