2019:Research/Testing ideas for flourishing communities Imagining practical and ethical AB tests

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Abstract[edit | edit source]

As Wikipedia communities grow to use systematic policies, social processes, and tools, A/B tests can provide evidence of ideas that help communities flourish. To be trustworthy, tests need to be designed carefully and ethically.

In this tutorial and workshop, CivilServant's researchers will introduce the basics of A/B tests and facilitate a brainstorm of testable ideas for improving Wikipedia communities. The first half will introduce basics about A/B tests and the ethics of doing research with communities. The second half will organize breakout sessions in which participants brainstorm ideas for possible research designs. We will publish a record of all ideas discussed in this session.

You can find our slides here.

Authors[edit | edit source]

Nathan Matias, Julia Kamin, and Max Klein

Session type[edit | edit source]

90-min tutorial.

Session notes[edit | edit source]

Please see transcriptions of many of the research designs participants generated in the breakout sessions, including ideas from HaeB, aaronshaw, TheDJ, Cirdan and groceryheist.

Participants [subscribe here!][edit | edit source]

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