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In brief[edit | edit source]

Personalised search (user results, best content, best match) is a problem when looking for an information via Google for example. In the past all information was provided on a specific search, nowadays less informations is provided and some is missing. Speaker said such services, which analize person behaviour, than hides certain results from search. The question is weather we can find out proper information to create complete Wikipedia article if this is going on. The speaker provided information on the fact that different people where doing the same search to find resources for and article, but were recievening different results. Group A havent recieved all results as a Group B. If Group A was searching a string from the page found by Group B, still no result.

Discussion[edit | edit source]

  1. Have you encountered this problem? - some not, some yes, some have just realised, there might be. The problem is, that you never know, unless you ask a friend to the the same search, provide their results and you compare the results.
  2. How to deal with the problem?
    1. go to the library and use book or search from the library computer
    2. do not have account on Google and related services
      • this is for some people difficult, the question is, wheather it is a sollution - Google may still attach certain behaviour to a user
    3. use GoDuckGo anonymous search services or relatespeaker argued that GDG does not often provide good resultsd
    4. use the incognito modsome participants have disputed this optione
    5. change provider - some providers may filtere some content
    6. user proxy server -
      • could provide complete results, but its not for non techy people and some services block such access
  3. Is the problem caused, just by services? The problem might be caused by ISP, etcspeaker disagrees, some of the participants, provide example of such filtering in Israel.
  4. One of the participants thing that using the word "hidding" is not proper and it should be reworded, because it conotates the intetion, which might not be there

Whats next[edit | edit source]

The goal was to kick off this problem. Participants were invited for further discussion online via etherpad.