2019 talk:Technology outreach & innovation/Let's completely change how wiki links work

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Partial notes on this session
  • A central issue discussed was how to benefit from, and adapt to, our enriched information in other languages and in Wikidata about topics that may not have an article/page in the local language Wikipedia.
  • One idea was to use a syntax like this:
    [[Q24679200|discussion of the Declaration of Helsinki]]
    , replacing Wikipedia content page titles with Wikidata labels, perhaps automatically or structurally. When clicked it might take the user to the local equivalent of the Wikidata label but if that doesn't exist it could at least show the Wikidata page about it and one might find then some basics about the topic in Wikidata and/or a full page about the named topic in some other language. These are not as good as a local article but often much better than nothing and quickly usable.
  • It seemed that it might be addressed de facto in our syntax now like this:
    [[d:Q24679200|discussion of the Declaration of Helsinki]]
    but that does not have the advantage of going to a local page if one exists.
  • I did not understand the problem or proposal fully and would welcome more explanation.
  • There were examples discussed in English, Hebrew, German, Spanish, and Russian.
  • The room was amazingly full and somewhat sweaty. There did not seem to be a way to open the windows.