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2019 talk:Wikimedia 2030/One World, One Wiki!

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Notes after this talk[edit source]

Capturing nuance[edit source]

Capturing cultural differences across WPs: without squashing those differences.


  • translations of a given text,
  • variance in brevity + language-level
  • intentional variance of fact or implied source-reputation reflecting cultural / research / trust differences

For cultural differences, distinguish

  • Things you can say in one jurisdiction but not another for libel or censorship reasons
  • Statements about the world that are mandated in different regimes (like around language or map definitions, explicit orthography shifts, explicit historical clashes)

Single namespace, for simplicity[edit source]

Shared namespace where all others can be merged (w/ qualifiers where necessary)

Simple way to start writing about something without deciding

  • Start writing about a word + its definitions + history + what makes it notable. Perhaps later break this out into [dictionary templates] and [encyclopedic templates] and [lesson teaching you to conjugate and use it]
  • Start writing about a known cluster of {work + versions of it, expressions, manifestations, notable items} asociated w/ an author + story + universe. Have an entire section on related nouns/titles/cluster-members, with pencilled-in redirects.

Nuanced redirection: Hard-redirects [major variants/typos], soft-redirects [variants which may have multiple meanings, or parts of a whole], shadow-redirects [casual terms in a section of aliases + related concepts, as long as there are no better targets for a redirect -- these alises may be worth their own section in articles]

Compare how shared namespaces work today[edit source]

  • Templates: shared w/in a project; not across. (global templates?)
  • File-names: cross-project, cascade of checks, stopping after first hit (local, global list, under same title)
  • Wikidata: cross-project, by shared + localized title? no, by shared ID, generating a localized string.
    WD-ID; Databox. Copy/paste minimal code to draw from a shard knowledge-space.