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2021:Submissions/GLAMs and Open Access: The Met Museum and the Smithsonian Institution as Case Studies

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Kelly Doyle: Open Knowledge Coordinator, American Women's History Initiative, Smithsonian Institution

Andrew Lih: Met Museum / Wikimedian at Large, Smithsonian Institution


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In this presentation, Kelly Doyle and Andrew Lih, will discuss Open Access and Wiki-based efforts at the Smithsonian Institution. Doyle will speak specifically to gender gap efforts and how the Smithsonian has committed to programmatic and curatorial efforts to contribute assets to Wikimedia to lessen the gender gap on Wikipedia. Lih will focus on the Wikidata aspects of this work, and how collaboration with curators, archivists, and data scientists internally, results in batch uploads of Smithsonian data to Wikidata. Working together, Doyle and Lih, will present how they are leveraging the Smithsonian’s Open Access launch to scale up Wikimedia contributions, especially in regards to underrepresented populations across Wiki.

Session Outcomes

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Attendees will have a deeper understanding of how a large museum with collections across varied disciplines is undertaking Wikimedia efforts to distribute its assets and help close gaps across Wikimedia. We will explain how we’ve set this work in motion and lay out actionable steps for replication for other GLAMs.

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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