2021:Submissions/How to to fight without anything... but facts!

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Session Notes (etherpad)

Speakers[edit | edit source]

Roy Morgan Tandean

Abstract[edit | edit source]

In the modern world, truth is crucial and movements used them to spread awareness to everyone from every kinds of background, and in order to do so, truth are facts that are interchanged through communication; these facts cannot speak for themselves, they are spoken by one to another, and making an environment where to do so will help future movements and effort to increase awareness of various world problems. How effective are these facts? Have these facts been used in previous movements? How can we make facts more accessible, especially in Wikimedia projects? What can we implement to do so? What can we also allow people with language barriers, disabilities, etc to access these facts? We’re going to discuss about all of these in this talk

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

Audience will be able to understand how to share information effectively, that is by being able to use information to encourage actions to solve problems, and how to use them in everyday life to help the world solve major problems and also to acknowledge the importance of accessibility of information including language, disablement, and how we can open those barricades and let all people from distinct backgrounds to access these information.

I'm planning to attend this session live![edit | edit source]

  1. Roy Morgan Tandean
  2. --Gereon K. (talk) 17:09, 11 August 2021 (UTC)