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2021:Submissions/Increase viewership of Kannada Wikipedia: QR Code project for Indian medicinal plants

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A project to write articles in Kannada Wikipedia about Indian medicinal plants, generate QR codes, print them and fix them in front of these plants has been accomplished. There is a mini forest consisting of medicinal plants at Moodabidri, a small town near Mangaluru, Karnataka State, India. Idea was mooted to generate QR codes for these plants. Students of Alvas College at Moodabidri who were part of the WEP took part in this project. Students identified the remaining plants, collected information and wrote articles about these plants and added them to Kannada Wikipedia. Similar kind of medicinal plants forests exist at some other places. Adding the articles in Wikipedia will benefit the entire world. This can be replicated at many places.

Session Outcomes

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  • Increasing viewership of Kannada Wikipedia
  • Generating QR codes for Wikipedia articles
  • Involving students in Wikipedia projects

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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