2021:Submissions/Wikimedia belongs in Education - but how?

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

Rocío Aravena, Dominik Theis, Sailesh Patnaik, Maxwell Beganim, Nur Rahmi Nailah, Ilario Valdelli

Abstract[edit | edit source]

PAST – From the early time of the Wikimedia movement, we continued with the philosophy of “Wikipedia belongs in education”. Over the years, the way of thinking changed slightly, and by 2018 the saying “Wikimedia belongs in education” was coined. PRESENT – Even though this saying is well received within the movement, there are different understandings of it. While some affiliates, chapters or user groups created learning platforms, others offer courses and again others dedicate their efforts to advocacy work. FUTURE – We want to use this Wikimania to come together and talk about our understanding of educational work within the Wikimedia movement and talk about possible collaborations while taking into account the strategy 2030.

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

Together with different members of the movement who work on educational programs, we want to learn about their approaches to the idea of Wikimedia in education. We want to ask of the participants following questions, and promote a process of discussing what education means for the movement:

What is the state of education in your region? What are your educational projects? What are the learnings? What were your challenges? What do you see in the future? How can the movement help?

Through this session, the participants are going to have a more comprehensive understanding of the different educational programs across our movement, learn from each other, and think about collaborations with each other.

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