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2021:Unconference/ALCD, Taiwan: Atayal & Seediq group

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Organization: ALCD, Taiwan: Atayal & Seediq group

Date: Monday, August 16, 2021

Time: 11:00 – 11:30 UTC (19:00-19:30 in Taiwan)

Participants: Anyone interested

Click here Youtube link to review our presentation on Wikimania 2021.

Shared Experiences on the Process of Setting Three Taiwan Indigenous Languages on Wikipedia

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1,257 are classified as the Austronesian languages in 7,319 languages all around the world. 21 Taiwan languages belong to the 1,257 Austronesian languages. Currently, there are 33 Austronesian languages approved and having their own pages on Wikipedia, where Taiwan has 3. Hence, we would like to share successful experiences with our honorable guests.

Atayal Language Group

[edit | edit source]

Atayal language was first admitted into the active list of the Wikimedia Incubator in July, 2016. The work was paused for a while due to the sickness of the convener; nevertheless, other Atayal people were impressed by results and efforts done from the convener and decided to help edit the Atayal page on the Wikimedia Incubator. “Our languages, our obligation”, preserving languages became a goal for Atayal peoples. The cooperation between the young and elder generations made their own languages approved on Wikipedia, while bridging their languages and culture with the world.

Seediq Language Group

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Seediq people has been participating in the language program of the Wikimedia Incubator since 2015. It was edited by the elder at the beginning. Lack of academic resources, computer skills and regular meetings caused the process to be delayed. Ultimately, the engagement of young people speeded up the process to complete the page, making the Seediq language admitted into the active list and approved on Wikipedia.


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