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2021:Unconference/ALCD, Taiwan: Intro & Sakizaya group

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Organization: ALCD, Taiwan & Sakizaya group

Date: Monday, August 16, 2021

Time: 10:30 – 11:00 UTC (18:30-19:00 in Taiwan)

Participants: Anyone interested

Click here Youtube link to review our presentation on Wikimania 2021.

Shared Experiences on the Process of Setting Three Taiwan Indigenous Languages on Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

1,257 are classified as the Austronesian languages in 7,319 languages all around the world. 21 Taiwan languages belong to the 1,257 Austronesian languages. Currently, there are 33 Austronesian languages approved and having their own pages on Wikipedia, where Taiwan has 3. Hence, we would like to share successful experiences with our honorable guests.

ALCD, Taiwan[edit | edit source]

Regarding “Taiwan Indigenous Languages Wikipedia Program”, entrusted by the Ministry of Education in December, 2014, process of building up Taiwan indigenous languages, such as inviting language users, organizing workshops, participating in an official annual conference of the Wikimedia Foundation and the challenges of translating the interface will be shared in the conference.

Sakizaya Language Group[edit | edit source]

Sekizaya language was first admitted into the active list of the Wikimedia Incubator in August, 2017. The interface was translated in August then. To solve the problem of a language code, ALCD assisted Sakizaya people to amend their language code as ISO 639-3. The Sakizaya language was approved and had its own page on Wikipedia on the 22nd November, 2019.

Sakizaya Language SIL:ISO639-3 szy Gains Entry into International Society[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia is the largest reference book on the Internet around the globe. In addition to the function of search and editing, it is characterized by its editions of multiple languages. Currently, it is merely 28 out of 1,256 Austronesian languages that have their own Wikipedia editions. Yet as for Taiwan, known as the hub of the Austronesian-speaking peoples, there has been no Wikipedia edition in Taiwanese aboriginal languages...read more.

Participants[edit | edit source]

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