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Overview:[edit | edit source]

MedievalWiki is a feminist and antiracist WikiProject which has the following aims:

  • Improving references to scholarly work by Black medievalists and medievalists of colour, women and non-binary medievalists in articles related to medieval studies
  • Creating and improving biographical pages for Black medievalists, medievalists of colour, women and non-binary medieval scholars and artists who use medieval texts, objects, or themes in their work / create works of medievalism.
  • Improving coverage of scholarly work about and references to theories and interventions indebted to critical race, gender studies, queer studies, and sexuality studies in medieval historical Wikipedia articles is also firmly within the scope of the project.

Session[edit | edit source]

We are running a session to connect with other Wikipedians who others who share an interest in the global medieval period and to discuss how we can collaborate further.

The session will be an unconference discussion where those present decide the agenda at the start.

Contact[edit | edit source]

MedievalFran bethanymay lajmmoore

Meeting link[edit | edit source]


Sign-up here:[edit | edit source]

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