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2021:Unconference/Wikimedia Research Community Session

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Wikimedia Research is a team of scientists and engineers using data to understand and empower millions of readers and contributors who interact with Wikipedia and its sister projects on a daily basis.

We are running an unconference session to connect with community members who are interested in learning more about our work and / or conducting their own research on Wikimedia projects. Session notes (etherpad)

We have three research programs:

We are generally interested in (random order):

  • Metrics and indicators to support Knowledge Equity and Knowledge Integrity
  • Machine learning technologies for automated content tagging (images and text)
  • Fair and inclusive Recommender Systems
  • Structured Data Challenges
  • Growing a community of Wikimedia researchers
  • Open research datasets
  • Understanding controversial content
  • Challenges of fact checking using Wikimedia data
  • Wikimedia data reuse outside our sites
  • How readers use, navigate and learn through Wikipedia
  • Large-scale data analysis to understand and serve Wikimedia communities


LZia (WMF) or ELescak (WMF)

Sign-up here:

Please add your wikipedia username below! You're also welcome to add any questions / topics you would like to discuss. We look forward to seeing you!