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Link: Remo virtual building 6 (Floor 1)
Date: Saturday 14-08-2021 15:30 UTC
Presenters: Thomas Shafee & Andrew Leung
Attendance: ~30

This is a 30 minute overview of current projects and initiatives, with a focus on illustrative examples as well as overall statistics. It'll mainly focus on the WikiJournals[1] (which specialise in these formats), but also draw in cases from other journals[2] such as PLOS Comp. Biol.,[3] PLOS Genetics,[4] Open Medicine,[5] Gene,[6] and J. Cheminformatics.

Since we're talking about bridging communities, we'll aim to be accessible to both:

  • academics with no Wikimedia experience
  • Wikimedians with no academic experience

Link: Remo virtual building 6 (Floor 1)
Date A : Saturday 14-08-2021 16:00 UTC (Americas + Europe + Africa)
Date B : Monday 16-08-2021 07:30 UTC (Asia + Pacific)

This is a followup open discussion the the short presentation above looking at a few open questions:

  • What new connections could be made?
  • What are the potential risks and how can they be avoided?
  • How could relevant audiences be better reached?

We've put two timeslots above to try to make it accessible to people from different timezones.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

Article examples:

  • Broad review article that also becomes a Wikipedia page (example)
  • Existing Wikipedia page submitted for peer review (example)
  • Focused review articles that have images or text added to Wikipedia pages (example)
  • Technical reviews that can accompany a Wikipedia page (example)
  • Stand-alone research articles (example)
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References[edit | edit source]

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