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Template:Zonestamp[edit source]

Hello all! I'm looking for someone who could help me copying mw:Template:Zonestamp to the Wikimania wiki, so we can make the timeslots of the schedule clickable to access different timezones. Maybe @AntiCompositeNumber:? Thanks in advance! Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talk) 12:22, 19 July 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi @Lea Lacroix (WMDE): I tried to copy-paste the template from MediaWiki but I'm not sure whether it was sufficient, could you tell me if it is working as you want it to? It is available here. Best WikiLucas00 (talk) 14:19, 19 July 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yup, shouldn't be anything else to do there. AntiCompositeNumber (talk) 18:27, 19 July 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thanks a lot @WikiLucas00 and AntiCompositeNumber:! I added the links here, feel free to double-check. I got a bit confused by the fact that Zonestamp seems to want an input in GMT+1 while I display the time in the table in GMT. Lea Lacroix (WMDE) (talk) 06:23, 20 July 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Lea Lacroix (WMDE) When using Template:Zonestamp, everything should be in UTC, with no offset. If you're making Zonestamp URLs using the https://zonestamp.toolforge.org/ interface, it defaults to your current timezone, but you don't need to do that with the template. AntiCompositeNumber (talk) 16:56, 20 July 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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