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On Pheedloop under the section "Networking" you can find and join several groups to hang out or to have an informal discussion.

You can also create your own group!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of groups. Don't hesitate to add your group to the list and the event you would like to organize.

  • Asia and Oceania Wikimedians
  • Africa Wikimedians
  • Commons Photographers
  • GLAM and cultural heritage
  • Wikimedians for Sustainable Development
  • Meetup with WMF Product Leaders (Friday 16:00 UTC)
    • This is a space where leaders from the Wikimedia Foundation's Product department will be hanging out, and hoping to meet and chat with community members. Please bring any questions or ideas about our software and websites!
  • Translate Science Open Brainstorming today, Saturday August 13, 18:20-18:45 UTC.
    • We would like to talk to people on setting priorities for translating science in other languages.
  • Central Notice Discussion -
    • A round-table discussion on Central Notice current pain points and to workshop recommendations for potential short-term fixes, so that organizers can better promote, share and message activities with their communities.