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Wikimania 2022 - Visual resources

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Build your own assets with our new look!

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Have you noticed that we have a brand new look? We created a design system that will be used and evolved for many Wikimanias to come—not only in 2022. We decided to do this to make sure people all over the world who will be joining Wikimania in-person, at their locally organised events, or virtually, are part of the same experience. That is what creating a cohesive identity is all about. This year, we are unveiling a complete look & feel, identity, and line.

All these elements reflect key sentiments related to Wikimania and the Wikimedia movement, such as: Gathering, connecting, problem solving, co-creating, community building, thinking together, collaborating, learning, and celebrating. We explored and expanded on different colours from our legacy colour palette to add versatility to the designs and keep them fresh with every iteration. We also added a new digital element we are calling Wikimania Collectibles that you can create, share and collect for years to come.

About the tagline

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A wordmark of the Wikimania tagline: "Brought together by free knowledge"

You might have also noticed that this year we are using a tagline for the first time: Brought together by free knowledge. The tagline was picked by a panel of volunteers and helps communicate our creative expression in one line. It speaks to what makes Wikimania special, to the feelings of togetherness, and shared passion for free knowledge.

While the tagline was first developed in English, we invite you to translate it and share your translations with our community so we can help Wikimania become global with local accents.

Use the wordmark and tagline lockup when possible.


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A wide range of illustrations were created by Mariana Garcia and Ben Hickey to help communicate key sentiments related to Wikimania and the Wikimedia movement. Feel free to use the symbols that are most meaningful to you and that relate best to the message you are trying to communicate.

Wikimania mark

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Always use the wordmark with illustrations. The Wikimania mark comes in different colours, all which are part of the Wikimania colour palette. Use the one that is from the same colour family as the rest of your design, making sure there is enough contrast between the type and the background.

Colour palette

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The Wikimania colour palette consists of three monochromatic colour schemes arranged according to their legacy colour: green, blue and red. Make sure to use colours from the same family when creating your designs. You can add shades of black to designs that use any of the colour palettes.

R36, G99, B66
C64, M00 Y33, K61

R43, G133 B87
C64, M00 Y35, K48

R51, G153, B102
C67, M00 Y33, K40

R113, G209, B179
C38, M00, Y12, K18

R203, G214, B219
C07, M02, Y00, K14

R219, G243, B236
C09, M00, Y03, K05

R12, G87, B168
C61, M32, Y00, K34

R14, G101, B192
C70, M36, Y00, K25

R04, G157, B255
C98, M38, Y00, K00

R195, G216, B239
C17, M09, Y00, K06

R192, G230, B255
C25, M10, Y00, K00

R151, G03, B02
C00, M58, Y58, K41

R230, G121, B166
C00, M43, Y25, K10

R238, G128, B25
C00, M43, Y84, K07

R229, G192, B192
C00, M15, Y15, K10

R249, G221, B233
C00, M11, Y06, K02

R251, G223, B197
C00, M11, Y21, K02

R0, G0, B0


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We encourage the use of typefaces as outlined by our Wikimedia Brand Guidelines.

This image is for demonstrative purposes only.
This image is for demonstrative purposes only.

The primary typeface for Wikimedia is Montserrat. It is used in the Wikimania wordmark, and for all the branded content we have made. Montserrat is a versatile sans-serif typeface. It has certain humanist features, giving it character and warmth, while its large X-height and wide construction give it a lot of impact. It works well for big headlines as well as smaller paragraphs of body copy. Use Montserrat Extra Bold for titles and subtitles. Use Montserrat Semibold for subheads and body copy. Use Montserrat Semibold italic for emphasis. Download Montserrat.

This image is for demonstrative purposes only.
This image is for demonstrative purposes only.

Noto has been our default replacement for non-latin languages. Just like Montserrat and Source Serif, it is open source and free to use under the Open Font License, which is great! However, we also encourage you to find a typeface with support for your language/script that you think fits best. We want to be aesthetically consistent, and Noto has quite a different expression than Montserrat. If you think of it as a substitute for Montserrat, you should try to find a typeface with a similar character.

Using the designs for other materials

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The Wikimania illustrations can be used to produce merchandise, identify special web pages or other digital content, make posters or banners, name tags and much more. Below are a few examples that show how the illustrations can be used.

Wikimania sticker sets

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Download these sticker sets and print your own. You can also find individual sticker designs under the Wikimania 2022 category.

Presentation template

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Are you planning to hold a talk, a presentation or a discussion during the Wikimania period and need a branded slide template?

Here is the presentation template in Google Slide format, make a copy and personalise it to best fit your needs.

Posters and flyers

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Make a copy, add information relevant to your event and print your own posters using these templates:

A2 posters

A3 posters

A5 posters

Video call backgrounds

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Find your Wikimania 2022 Virtual backgrounds here.

Wikimania Collectibles

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To celebrate the fact that Wikimania has gone global with local components, we have added an optional element that you can use to personalise your Wikimania journey. Wikimania Collectibles: inspired by passport stamps, you can create your own unique design to communicate something. Celebrate your culture, Tell people where you are in the world, Demonstrate the type of session you are hosting on your programme/slide, share how many Wikimanias you have attended, anything! We have also created Wikimania passports that you can print or share online to tell your story.

How to create your Wikimania Collectible:

This image is for demonstrative purposes only.
This image is for demonstrative purposes only.

Social media

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Use these social media templates to promote your event, or share quotes and highlights from talks and moments that you enjoyed.

There is an English-language social media toolkit that contains information about Wikimania to share with friends and connections.


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These fun animations can be added to your videos, presentation slides or social media.