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2022:Submissions/"Knowledge. Power. Equity." - A WMDE discussion series on issues of equitable distribution of power

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  • Status: Pre-recorded


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Lilli Iliev (WMDE)


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The event series "Knowledge.Power.Equity." (german: "Wissen.Macht.Gerechtigkeit") takes up the strategic goal of knowledge equity and deals with questions of the (re)distribution of knowledge and thus power in the networked society. In this way, the concept of knowledge equity is to be given a broader scope on the basis of various topics and form a link to current societal debates. The events will continue the long-standing series of talks "Wikimedia Salon: The ABC of Free Knowledge".
What does access to knowledge and knowledge equity mean today and tomorrow? How can knowledge be organized via digital channels for the common good? And how can inequalities in knowledge representation be compensated?
Together with Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Wikimedia Deutschland invites guests to discuss topics such as "The Postcolonial Museum", "Public money? Public Good!" and "Feminist Perspectives on Digital Politics"

Learning Outcomes

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The audience will
...learn about a public format that can be used to generate momentum for discussions around knowledge equity.
...share their experiences and successes with their Knowledge Equity formats.
...suggest topics that should definitely be discussed under the Knowledge Equity thematic roof.


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Lilli Iliev has been an employee of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. since 2013, since 2022 as head of the Politics & Public Sector team. Above all, she works with the Politics & Public Sector team to develop and communicate political concerns to policymakers, associations, the media, etc., with the aim of strengthening the work of volunteers and the framework conditions for free knowledge.
She studied cultural studies, Slavic studies, philosophy and aesthetics and worked for 6 years in the field of cultural policy in the Berlin House of Representatives.
Iliev is committed to ensuring that digitization first and foremost serves the common good and facilitates access to cultural heritage and education for all.