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2022:Submissions/10 years of Wikidata - how it all started and where it’s going

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Pre-recorded

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Lydia Pintscher
Denny Vrandečić
Andrew Lih (moderator)

Abstract[edit source]

This year Wikidata turns 10. In this session we will give you some insights into how it all started and go on a whirlwind tour through 10 years of bringing the Wikimedia projects closer together and giving more people more access to more knowledge. And we'll also give you a sneak peek into what's to come.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

  • get an understanding of how a huge project like Wikidata got started in the movement
  • learn more about the history of one of our projects
  • understand important lessons learned from building Wikidata

Biography[edit source]

Lydia Pintscher is the product manager for Wikidata. She studied computer science at the University of Karlsruhe with a focus on innovation and language. In her free time she serves on the board of directors of KDE e.V. Denny Vrandečić is the project lead for Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions at Wikimedia Foundation. He is the founder of Wikidata, and received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe.

Video[edit | edit source]

  • Main session (20 minutes) - presentation and discussion - Youtube
  • Overtime (40 minutes) - extended discussion beyond the 20 minute Wikimania session - Youtube