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2022:Submissions/Can we interest you in trying something new together: How we introduced a new software feature to editors through a community-driven campaign on German-speaking Wikipedia

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Johanna Strodt (WMDE)
Lena Meintrup (WMDE)


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Introducing new software to the wikis is a great thing, but the flood of information about technical changes, requests for feedback, and more is seemingly endless. No wonder it’s difficult to stay on top of it all and to find the right support to contribute in different ways.
In June, WMDE’s Technical Wishes project tried a new approach to spark interest in a feature new to German-speaking Wikipedia: Kartographer. For the first time, we created a community-driven campaign to help build a community of people interested in and willing to help others use Kartographer maps, all while enriching the knowledge on Wikipedia. Lessons learned will be shared in this session.

Learning Outcomes

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  • Feedback we received about what works and doesn’t work for communications about technical topics on-wiki for editors from all kinds of backgrounds
  • What possibilities are there beyond announcements to raise awareness and encourage other editors to try something new? From banners, to targeted announcements, to video content: some ideas about different ways to spark interest
  • Lessons learned: what worked well, what didn’t go to plan


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Lena Meintrup: Product manager of the Technical Wishes project. The project, created in 2013, is a joint project of Wikimedia Germany and the German-speaking Wikipedia community. Its core objective is to develop technical improvements for Wikipedia based on community needs, placing the long standing successful collaboration with the German-speaking Wikipedia community at the center of its way of working.
Johanna Strodt: Community communications manager of WMDE's Technical Wishes project. One of my focuses is to find new ways to engage users of all backgrounds.