2022:Submissions/Crisis and GLAM

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]


Éder Porto (Wiki Movimento Brasil), Nassima Chahboun (Wiki World Heritage), and Hanna Osadchuk (Wikimedia Ukraine)


Patricia Diaz Rubio (Wikimedia Chile) and Susanna Ånäs (AvoinGLAM)

Digital graphic recording

Linda Saukko-Rauta

Abstract[edit source]

What role does open access to cultural heritage play in today’s crises? Join to hear about the experiences and activities of wikimedians responding to crises, and to map out collaborations and practices that can help combat crisis situations facing humans, the environment, and cultural heritage.

We have the privilege to hear three speakers talk about their experiences confronting and responding to crises.

Éder Porto (Wiki Movimento Brasil) introduces the digital reconstruction work they undertook when a massive fire devastated the building and collections of the National Museum of Brazil in 2018.

Nassima Chahboun (Wiki World Heritage) walks us through the work of WHindanger that promotes and raises awareness of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in danger using participatory creative tactics and Wikimedia projects to create an interactive website.

Hanna Osadchuk (Wikimedia Ukraine) talks about open access to cultural heritage as seen from within the ongoing war.

Bring your ideas and experiences to the meeting! Based on the introductions, new tactics combining cultural heritage, voluntary work, humanitarian and creative activities can be developed together.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

We wish to highlight work that communities are doing and challenges they are facing amidst today's crises. By starting this conversation, we hope to put in place collaborations, configurations and tactics across communities in the Wikimedia and open cultural heritage networks for addressing global crises.

Biography[edit source]