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Speaker(s)[edit source]

Sandeep Kaur

Abstract[edit source]

The present article aims to describe the education and partnership to ensure the quality based education for children. It includes Cooperation, collaboration and communication. Wikipedia partnership in education is a great opportunity for teachers and students to learn 21st century skills. There are a lot of projects of Wikipedia that will started in the classroom to promote quality based education and Reading Wikipedia in the classroom is the most beneficial project for everyone to promote knowledge equity and to develop vital media and literacy skills. In the curriculum, there are three modules where we learn about how to access, evaluate and create information. There are a lot of benefits for students, teachers and administrators when they work together in Wikipedia.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

  1. Learn about the benefits of partnership in education
  2. Learn how Wikipedia is important in classroom
  3. Learn Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom
  4. Learn the benefits for students, teachers and administrator in Wikipedia

Biography[edit source]

My name is Sandeep Kaur. I am from India. I am Punjabi Wikimedian and working as a Education Community Specialist South Asia (Volunteer). I am Pursuing a Doctorate in Education. I have been involved with the movement since 2019 and working as a Wiki mentor in my regional institute where we set up a Wiki club and have been organizing various training and activities for graduate students.