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2022:Submissions/Education program of GLAM Macedonia

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Nikolčе Stojanoski
Natasha Nedanoska


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Education program of GLAM Macedonia marked an increase in productivity and efficiency in comparison to the last two years, mostly because Covid-19 had an impact over the activities. The Wiki Clubs continued achieving better results, live editing occurred and resulted with more content created and improved. Moreover, this year's Wiki Camp resulted with excellent number of created articles where more than 30 students took part in.

Learning Outcomes

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The learning outcome of the presentation is:
- ways of content improvement and content creation,
- ways of implementing Wikimedia projects in classrooms,
- Volunteerism, recruiting new volunteers and spreading the Movement Goals.


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Administrator and Bureaucrat on the Macedonian Wikipedia, administrator on the Macedonian Wikisource, board member of GLAM Macedonia and one of the most active members of the user groups. Linguist by vocation, literature lover and Wikipedian for years.