2022:Submissions/Event Registration Tool v.0

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Ilana Fried, Senior Product Manager
Imelda Brazal, Senior Program Officer

Abstract[edit source]

This year, the Campaigns product team at the Wikimedia Foundation started building the first feature of the Event Center for organizers: on-wiki event registration. This tool aims to minimize the burden of creating off-wiki registration solutions for Wikimedia-related events. It gives organizers the freedom to collect data about their participants and their needs while protecting participant privacy. The event registration tool offers participants a more fun and inspiring way of joining events. The team has just released its first version of the tool on the beta cluster (see Help documentation), which we will demo in the session today.

The registration system is part of a larger event platform, Event Center. The Event Center may later include additional features for organizers and participants, such as an event creation tool and a global Wikimedia events calendar.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

At the end of the session audience will:

  1. Know what kind of work is being undertaken by the Foundation Product Team, and how communities can benefit from these new campaign projects;
  2. Learn more about the newly developed feature of the Event Center: the Event Registration system;
  3. Share ideas on how to further improve the registration tool, which can be potentially incorporated into later releases, and share new ideas for the wider vision of the Event Center.

Biography[edit source]

  • Ilana Fried is the Senior Product Manager of the Campaigns Team.
  • Imelda Brazal is one of the Senior Content Campaign Organizing Fellow, working with the Campaigns Team