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2022:Submissions/Guess What! It's trivia and games time!

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live


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Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska
Raimund Liebert


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A session with games and trivia around Wikimedia and... local food from around the world! Let's check our knowledge about the movement that unites us and celebrate what is local and specific to different parts of the world. And most of all - let's have some fun! And in order to remember that time together, the winners of the trivia will receive special barnstars for their wikipage.
The meeting will be hosted by an international network of community supporters - the Volunteer Supporters Network.

Learning Outcomes

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  • the audience will integrate and have fun together!
    * the trivia and games will be built around the global topic of Wikimedia movement and local topic of culture and cuisine from around the world which will remind us that we are a global, multicultural movement
    * it will be a pratical learning and inspiration for online meetups that the audience members can then have with their communities


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The Volunteer Supporters Network (VSN) is an open network of Wikimedians working in volunteer/community support. Our mission is to improve volunteer support in the Wikimedia movement by developing, growing and maintaining collaboration and exchange of expertise, ideas and resources.