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2022:Submissions/How to organize a “Wiki Takes a City” event

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  • Language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Status: Pre-recorded


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Sandra Soster
Celio Costa Filho


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A Wiki Takes a City is a series of activities to improve content on the Internet about a chosen location. That includes edit-a-thons, photowalks, digital mapping and GLAM-Wiki outreach. This kind of activity is especially effective to solve knowledge gaps and outreach Wikimedia in places where our projects are not well known.
Wiki Movimento Brasil has promoted “Wiki Takes a City” projects since 2019 and this year we are integrating its activities with Wikimania presentations and watch parties. In this session we’ll present to other communities how to organize this type of event, based on our previous and current experiences, detailing all the steps needed to implement it, such as how to choose the location, how to get in touch with local partners, outreach to participants and organize the photowalks, edit-a-thons and other activities.
We will hold the section during one of ours Wiki Takes, in Santa Leopoldina, Espírito Santo. This activity is part of our year-long effort to improve content on Espírito Santo on Wikimedia projects.

Learning Outcomes

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Participants will learn and discuss the best strategies and practices on how to organize a locally focused and newcomers friendly series of events; Learn about the importance of documenting and mapping small and underrepresented cities; and how to measure the results of wiki activities to report to the community.


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Sandra Soster is GLAM & Culture Manager at WMB. She also is a PhD student at University of São Paulo, Brazil. She holds two bachelor’s degrees: Architecture and Urbanism / Advertising and Marketing. She is a member of ICOMOS and one of the coordinators of the iPatrimônio Project.

Célio Costa Filho has been a Wikimedian for over 15 years, editing as a volunteer. He is mostly active on Wikipedia in Portuguese language, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. At WMB, he is responsible for dealing with day-to-day management of the organization, setting up meetings, organizing logistics for events and programs, etc.