2022:Submissions/How to work with Translate extension and stay calm

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Ата (Vira Motorko)

Abstract[edit source]

Users who are working on multilingual wikis (Meta, Commons, and this wiki right here) know about the Translate extension – one of the tools we use to translate internal Wikimedia content, get the wider community educated about and engaged in numerous activities like contests or elections, and make meta work generally more accessible. Encounters with Translate extension may be startling for some and frustrating for others, but they don't have to!
This session offers a calming look at the tricky Translate, and welcomes Wikimedians to embrace and learn to like this tool, that makes our diverse community a bit closer.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

  • Participants will look at Translate extension and its importance from different angles.
  • Participants will share in some tricks that make working with Translate easier, and translation administrators will go away with a checklist for a successful page setup.
  • Participants will be assured that their feelings are shared by others and help is always out there.

There are three main groups of users who might be interested in this session:

  1. Users who create pages with project descriptions and news and hope to get them translated;
  2. Users who translate these translatable pages;
  3. Translation administrators who maintain the translatability of these pages.

Hopefully there will be something interesting for everyone.

Biography[edit source]

Ата is a long-time Wikimedian and translator from English to Ukrainian on translatewiki.net, mediawiki-wiki and Meta-wiki, translation administrator, Translate extension fan, and always available to give moral support to Wikimedians who are not yet liking Translate.