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2022:Submissions/Image credits in Wikipedia: Can we do better

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Isaac Olatunde
Dominic Byrd-McDevitt
Asaf Bartov


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Image credits are not shown in Wikipedia: you need to click to open a separate page with the info about the source, authors, even copyright status (non-free/free), and that page can be hosted on a separate wiki (Wikimedia Commons). This is not a good practice - we like to make jokes of the media for not getting us right, and citing Wikipedia as a copyright owner, but images are usually credited visibly by respected media outlets. This is also bad for authors - why should they donate images to us, when we cannot even get their name and license right? Just like we do not put citations on the talk page or on a separate wiki, and show their authors, publishers, titles, it makes sense to make image crediting more visible. Is it doable?

Learning Outcomes

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  • better understanding of how our current practices of not showing image credits in the articles are harmful
  • different possible ways of addressing this issue
  • how to join a pilot project


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antanana has been a volunteer Wikimedian since 2011, am an admin on Ukrainian Wikipedia, a member of Wikimedia Ukraine, and since 2016 am a trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation. She is the current Chair of the Board. Isaac Olatunde is an administrator on Yoruba Wikipedia and license reviewer on Wikimedia Commons. Dominic Byrd-McDevitt is a Data Fellow, Digital Public Library of America. A longtime Wikipedian from English Wikipedia. Asaf Bartov is a longtime Wikipedian from Hebrew Wikipedia. Staff member of the Wikimedia Foundation.